Easy To Make Baked Nutella Braided Bread

I like chocolate. And I love Nutella. There are so many recipes that you can make using Nutella: strawberry with Nutella, Nutella pop tarts, Nutella croissants, Nutella Popsicle. Also the recipe that I am bringing to you today also is made with Nutella: easy to make baked Nutella braided bread. Yummy…… Here is how you can make it: in a large bowl mix 2 eggs with 60 grams of sugar, a little bit of salt, 2 tablespoon of warm milk, a little bit of vanilla and 500 grams flour. Mix the ingredients well and don’t forget to put also the yeast (1 teaspoon) in the bowl. After mixing for 5 minutes add also around 30 grams of butter. Mix until a very soft dough is formed. Cover it with a kitchen towel and leave the bowl in a warm place for about an hour and a half s the dough can rise. In another bowl, a smaller one mix 2 tablespoons of Nutella with 2 tablespoons of milk. Use a round baking pan. Grease it. Spread your working station with flower. After one hour and a half take the dough out of the bowl. Spread a “sheet” of dough in the working station. Use a spoon and cover the dough with the Nutella and milk mix. Spread another dough “sheet” over the Nutella mix. Repeat for 4 times. Cut the dough like the the picture bellow. Braid each piece. Put the new dough star into the round pan. Leave it for another 15 minutes before you bake it. Put the pan into a preheated oven and bake for about 30 – 45 minutes at 220 degrees or until its golden brown. Enjoy your Nutella bread!!!


Chocolate star cookies

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33 Responses to "Easy To Make Baked Nutella Braided Bread"

  1. PandaEMT says:

    Hey could you possibly post a list of ingredients and amounts. Reading through it says nothing about flour. Thank you

  2. bird_girl says:

    What about flour? and how many yeast?

  3. finn says:

    do you use the entire egg? or just egg yolk / egg white?

  4. Sabine says:

    Looks amazing! Really want to try, but I need to know how much grams is “a little pack of yeast”..

  5. Sabine says:

    Looks really nice! Want to try this myself, but how much yeast is one small pack?

  6. rena dunn says:

    I imagine that you could use any favorite sweet dough recipe. especially if you are in the USA, since we do not use grams, or the Celsius. instead we use the Cups/teaspoon, and Fahrenheit. Either that, Look the conversions up online. :)

  7. Gail says:

    We have food allergies here, would regular chocolate work as well or only the nutella b/c it’s thinner? Any recommendations?

    This is such a ‘pretty’ dessert. Definitely a show stopper!

  8. Kardoe says:

    My dough isn’t dough it’s dry crumbs

    • andytm07 says:

      You can make also a classic bread dough and follow the rest of the instructions. thank you

    • JANE says:


  9. Emily says:

    How do you braid it? in the picture in kinda looks like you are just twisting it

    • JANE says:

      16 pieces and twisted by 2’s in opposite direction ( towards each other, then the next to , towards each other……

  10. Iliya says:

    hi there

    Do i need to disolve the yeast in a bit of water first and let it rise for 10mins as in bread recipes?? or do I just use it in its dry form with the rest of the ingredients and mix?

    • andytm07 says:

      You can dissolve it in a bit of milk (I did it this way) or you can also use it dry with the rest of the ingredients

  11. swc says:

    I’m not sure I understand the “sheets”. Did you divide the dough into 4 (or 5?) pieces and roll out each one as a layer?

  12. T.wyatt says:

    ok…500 grams of flour is 5 cups…so the 2 teaspoons of milk must be 2 Cups of warm milk as this is not enough liquids…and i find that if you mix wet to wet & dry to dry then mix wet little at a time with the dry iis better….also i know that if you put the warm milk & sugar with yeast & let it stand ( I use a jar) then the sugar activates then yeast. Salt will slow it down …cheers

  13. JANE says:

    is the oven temperature in C or F……425*F= 218 C????

  14. susan says:

    how large of a circle did you roll the dough out too? It looks to me to be about 15 inches or so.

  15. Lauren says:

    I love how this looks but I am having trouble understanding the recipe. Do you have the original recipe that you followed? I am in the US and can do the conversions but the mixture seems disproportionate (even with 2 cups milk and not teaspoons). Here are the directions (as I understand them) in US measurements:
    -2 eggs
    -1/4 cup sugar
    – a pinch of salt
    -2 tablespoons (or cups?) warm milk
    -1 teaspoon vanilla
    – 5 cups All purpose flour (or baking flour?)
    -1 teaspoon yeast (added to the warm milk to activate it)
    -2 tablespoons soft butter
    Then roll out the layer of dough after it has risen in 5 layers with nutella(mixed w/ 2 tsp warm milk). Bake in an oven for 30 to 45 minutes at 428 F.

    Thank you for posting this awesome recipe! Can you please just clarifiy if I am correct and what needs to be changed? I just want to make it right because I am going to make it for Christmas Breakfast. :)

    • andytm07 says:

      Yes you are right. We will change on the site also. Thank you

    • Lauren says:

      I tried this recipe and it was good except the dough was very thick and i used closer to 1 cup of milk than 2. Also the bread layers rose alot it was about 2-3 inches when cooked.

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