Reclaim Your Closet & Drawers With These 12 Clever Organization Ideas

Love clothes and accessories, as much as I do?! Then your closet and your drawers must be stacked with lots and lots of clothes and accessories. I am not a very organized person, but I try to keep things in the right place. Most of the time, I have that “thing” called clutter that keeps bothering my closet & drawers. Organize and clutter free your home with excellent and clever organization and storage solutions and help your clothes and accessories to be free, allowing you also to see better what you have! Reclaim your closet back with these 12 smart organization ideas and keep your things organized! Just make sure that once you used something try putting it back in its right place! Enjoy!!!

1. Make Wall Storage Bins Using Old Crates


Photo + Details

2. Use Clothing Dividers


Photo + Details

3. Organize Jewelry And Accessories


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4. Creative Storage Boxes For Your Drawers


Photo + Details

5. Ornament Box To Organize Baby Clothes


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6. Use Multipurpose Shoe Holders


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7. Use Clothespins To Organize Tights


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8. DIY Pipe Clothing Rack


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9. Use PVC Tubes To Make Hanging Racks


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10. Keep Clothes On The Hanger Using Rubber Bands


Photo + Details

11. Reuse Drawer Handles


Photo + Details

12. DIY Shoe Organizers


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