10 Cute DIY Sharpie Manicure Ideas

Beautiful make up tips sometimes come from unorthodox ways. Pick up any fashion magazine and you will come up with an idea about the best make up either for your face or nails. Recently we came across 10 cute sharpie manicure ideas that are to die for…

Metallic Gold Sharpie – The color goes on top of either gel nails smoothly or a dry nail polish coat. The wonderful thing being if you make any mess, you simply wipe it off using a dub of rubbing alcohol without getting the polish smudged. Allow the metallic paint to dry off and afterwards add on a top coat.

Black Sharpie Designs – Materials: French Manicure 03. Sharpie. Start by applying a top coat. After the nail polish dries up, doodle on them using the sharpie. For your ring finger, sprinkle a little black glitter while the polish is still wet, when it dries up apply another top coat. Start drawing straight lines using a pen or any pattern.

Birds – On white or cream white nail polish. Place on top cut out pieces of paper and use the outline to draw small but beautiful birds with a black color sharpie. Wait for them to dry before moving to the next nail.

Valentine’s Sharpie Nails – All you have to do is make use of black sharpie on top of two coats of the nail polish color you desire and join the writing. Mind you; lines that are thin and letters that are small makes a subtle look. Go crazy by doodling little heart balloons on your thumbs!

Tuxedo Nails – On white nail polish coat, use a black sharpie to make a bow tie, buttons and Cummerbund at the tip of your nails.

Silver Sharpie Polka Dots – On your desired nail polish color, use a silver sharpie to create polka dots that make your polish pop!

2-Tone Stipple Manicure – Create different patterns using a silver sharpie and black sharpie to create several dots on your nails.

 Pink Striped Nails – Start by painting your nails white. Allow the first coat to dry up before applying another coat. After the second coat dries use a pink sharpie and start drawing pink stripes.

Leopard Print – Apply a cream white nail polish or white nail polish coat, allow it to dry and proceed to apply another coat, leave it to dry and finally use a purple sharpie to color leopard prints.

Gold Sharpie on Black – Black and gold nails. Use a black in gold over a black base using chains and studs on thumbs and accent nails. On your other hand, paint over a black lace on your index finger, paint over a gold hound-stooth on the middle finger and on your pinky weave a line pattern. Enjoy!!!



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