10 DIY Cake Stands That Are Almost Too Easy Not To Make!

Sometimes, when you see something in a craft store, inspiration just hits! Are you throwing and indoor party, dinner or even a wedding and you want to bring the outdoors in?! Or are you planning that perfect birthday party for your hubby or kids but want also to save some money when it comes to the cake stand?! Surprise your guests with 3 to 4 log stand placed on the dessert table with cute mini pies and cake on top. Or use a piece of Pexiglas and some square vases (diamond filler) and add the glass on top and the perfect cake stand for that future wedding reception will look great. Get inspired with these 10 DIY cake stands and start creating the perfect cake stand. Enjoy!!!

All 10 Cake Stands DIY’s Here……


Diply –┬áThese 10 DIY Cake Stands Are Almost
Too Easy To Make!



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