10 Everyday Products That You’ve Been Using All Wrong

Let me tell you that until now your life has been a big lie! Have you ever wondered how some things that you bought from the local store or supermarket have never functioned right?! Or how some of the bought things have become so difficult to use?! Probably you are using these products the wrong way. You must know that some of the products from the following list will make you a bit upset and you will probably think “Why didn’t I think of this secondary usage of the product?”. All you have to do is to  discover these everyday products that you’ve been using all wrong and after finding all details you will definitely save time and stress for the rest of your life. For ex. did you know that you have dispensed Tic Tac’s, storing peanut butter and serving to the kids juice boxes the wrong way?! Or did you know that there is a different and easier way to floss?! Discover all these products and make your life easier. Enjoy!!!

1. Want some yogurt or applesauce but no spoon?! Turn the foil lid from the applesauce or yogurt into a makeshift spoon.



Via “Reddit”

2. You are using too much toothpaste. Use a pea-sized amount of your toothpaste instead using globes of toothpaste.


Via “Flickr”

3. Turn the soda tab around and use it as a straw holder. This tip will prevent the straw from raising to of the soda can.


Via “Reddit”

4. Stop your kids from spilling the juice from a juice box by pulling the side of the box out.


Via “The Mommy Hood”

5. Did you know that those little holes from the pot handle are also spoon-rests?


Via “Life Hacks”

6. In order to dispense Tic Tac’s the easy way by letting a Tic Tac glide into the lid crevice.


Via “Food Beast”

7. Store peanut butter upside down. This way all the oils from the peanut butter distribute evenly.


Via “Oh My Veggies”

8. Avoid your extension cords to disconnect by plugging the cords into a loop. 


Via “Stfuchristine”

9. When you floss, instead of strangling you fingers tie the floss into a loop. 


Via “Reddit”

10. Turn the lids from soft drinks into coasters.


Via “Reddit”
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