10 Simple Quick Life Hacks For Your Everyday

Did you know that you can use you salad spinner also as a salad crisper?! Or if you use “Goo-Gone” on the glass doors from your shower it will remove all of the water stains and also soap scum? Make your life easier with 10 Simple Quick Hacks for your everyday. Teach your kids the “lip test” to avoid burning their mouth (tongue). Or discover tips and ideas on how to pick a good pineapple from the supermarket. Or the fact that if you hold the ends of a ribbon over a candle or any other rising heat you will prevent any other future fraying. Make your life easier with this awesome 10 Simple Quick Tips.


10 Simple Quick Life Hacks that hopefully will help you too…..



NoBiggie – 10 simple quick tips
for your everyday



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