10 Things You’ve Been Cleaning Wrong Your Entire Life!

Sometimes cleaning is so annoying! And since we’re cleaning anyway because we don’t have someone else around to do the cleaning for us, we have to get all the cleaning right. What if I told you that there are 10 household that you’ve been cleaning all wrong?! Yes! All wrong!  Well, lets not use “wrong”! What if I told you that there is a better and more efficient way to clean your home and it will take less time?! You don’t believe me?! Discover all 10 things you’ve been cleaning wrong your entire life and change the way you’re cleaning. Enjoy!!!

1. The Cookie Sheets – Don’t scrub the cookie sheets using dish soap. Mix 1/4 cup of baking soda with plenty hydrogen peroxide.


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2. The Mattress – All you need to clean your mattress is a good vacuum and baking soda. Clean away!


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3. The Cutting Board – Half a lemon and some kosher salt will do wonders with your cutting board.


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4. The Coffee Maker – Add in the water chamber of the coffee maker half vinegar, half water.


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5. The Toys – Put the hard plastic toys in the dishwasher and wash away!


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6. The Cast Iron Skillets – Mix water with coarse salt and scrub the food residue. Coat the skillet with oil. Voila!


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7. The Blinds – Vinegar, water and a clean cloth. You can even use a clean sock!


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8. The Toothbrush – Put your toothbrush for a few hours into white vinegar.


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9. The Oven – Water, baking soda and vinegar will make your oven spotless. 


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10. The Microwave


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