10 Tricks & Tips To Look Gorgeous In Glasses

If you are a sassy girls whose make up includes a pair of glasses, you are well aware that finding the right makeup and hair to match the glasses is a business that is quite tricky. Fortunately for you, we have for you some DIY fashion ideas that will show you how the geek look is not only beautiful but chic. To make you look glam as they do, below are ten tricks to look gorgeous in glasses.

 High Bun – We all know that wearing your hair in a high bun is no muss, no-fuss, a look that transforms you into looking chic instantly. Pair you glasses with a pair of lightly defined eyes, tinted lips and emerge with a beautiful, simple but very sophisticated look.

 Winged Eyeliner – Use a winged eyeliner and extend it just a little further than usual. Next color your lips in a fun coral hue. Rock your glasses now.

 The Daytime Look – Since you are going for the real feminine look, always keep your make up at its simplest. Use only a few mascara coats combining the look with a tinted lip balm. Curl your hair loosely at the ends and pin back several strands so that they are off your face, then pair this amazing look with your glasses.

 Miss Bangs – To rook your bangs and glasses at the same time, keep focus on the top of your half face, simply pull your hair into a bun, opt for bold eyebrows and combine several layers of mascara with a dark eyeliner.

 The Sassy Nerd Look – To pull this look, keep your eye makeup neat and very precise, combine it with a daring lip color, (we recommend glossy crimson) and rock your glasses. You will make heads turn trust us!

Flirty and Sassy – Pull out this look by pairing light pink lips and a hint of color on your cheeks together with several layers of mascara before wearing that pair of adorable glasses.

Underestimated Makeup – By using a glossy lip stain, pairing it with your glasses, you will bring life to your faint but very eloquent eye makeup.

The Perfect Day and Night Look – If you are in search of the best look for whatever time match your glasses with your eyeliner and mascara, top it up with either a peach tinted lip balm or light coral lip balm.

Glasses and Matte Red Lipstick – This is a look that matches best with a messy hairstyle. This way, your glasses will make you look youthful and stylish at the same time. Try it!

Bolder Look – Start by sweeping your hair off your face, sweep it up. Now before introducing glasses, opt for a pink (bright), matte pout and allow your eyes to pop by relying on a dramatic winged eyeliner. Enjoy!!!




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