11 Drool-Worthy Nutella DIY Recipes

I just love Nutella!! It goes pretty much with almost anything: bananas, apples, toast or even better your fingers dipped right into the jar. Delicious…… And if it goes with almost anything than imagine how fun is to make with Nutella. From homemade delicious Nutella spread, or baked Nutella braided bread and even delicious French toast roll-ups. Make the future best party treat or just try to get a little bit culinary with these delicious 11 drool-worthy Nutella DIY recipes.


1. DIY Homemade Delicious Nutella Spread – You will find every step on how to make your very own homemade Nutella spread. And what is best is that you can serve it with fruits (apples, strawberries) or graham crackers. Make your very own homemade Nutella full of an delicious chocolate flavor and roasted hazelnuts.


2. DIY Delicious Mini Nutella Cups – With some ingredients you will make the best and most delicious mini Nutella cups.


3. Nutella Banana Mini Pies – Are you a fan of bananas? A fan of Nutella? Do you just adore fried foods? If any of the answers are yes, then this is a recipe that you will want to guard with your life.


4. Baked Nutella Braided Bread – Here is how you can make it: in a large bowl mix 2 eggs with 60 grams of sugar, a little bit of salt, 2 tablespoon of warm milk, a little bit of vanilla and 500 grams flour. Mix the ingredients well and don’t forget to put also the yeast (1 teaspoon) in the bowl. After mixing for 5 minutes add also around 30 grams of butter. Mix until a very soft dough is formed. Cover it with a kitchen towel and leave the bowl in a warm place for about an hour and a half s the dough can rise……


5. Nutella Pop Tarts – the most important two ingredients are pie dough and Nuttela. If you do not want to buy the pie dough you can use home made.


6. Nutella Icepops – To make these Nutella Popsicle you will need to use just two ingredients. I am sure that your kids will love them.


7.  Nutella Mug Cake – Make a quick dessert that doesn’t requires baking: Nutella Mug Cake.

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8. Nutella Croissants – Croissants are very fluffy, soft and very sweet. If you are making croissants for the first time it will seem a little bit hard but I can assure you that I felt the same. But the final result was awesome.


9. Delicious French Toast Roll-Ups – Make something special for you and your family with this delicious DIY recipe: delicious and sweat French toast roll’s.


10. Delicious Star Shaped Bread – This actually is part of the most awesome craft ideas that you can engage in at home and create the most surprise bread for your family, friends or loved one… Lets bake this marvellous bread…


11. Hedgehog Bread – Surprise your kids with this delicious recipe: hedgehog bread! They will love the hedgehog shape and also enjoy the delicious bread.



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