12 Cute DIY Handprint Crafts For Christmas (Part 2)

This Christmas just like any other has made people discover their crafts sides, from decorating the house with tips picked up from a fashion magazine, to the creation of gifts that are well instructed from a makeup magazine to plant beautiful smiles in family and friends, the holiday season is surely one that makes people discover their crafty side. Below, we continue with the other 12 glorious hand print crafts that you can pull of this Christmas…

1. Little Deer Rudolph (Handprint)

You will need the following materials: Light Brown Card Stock / Green Glitter Paper / Ribbon / Glue / Paint Brush / Paint / Hole punch or large needle.

Follow the instructions:  Start by tracing the hand and cut it out of a light brown card stock. Cut out green glitter paper to use at the back. Punch small hole for passing the ribbon on the green paper, the hole will be covered by the deer. Use a large needle and use it to punch through a hole between the thumb. Point out a finger of the hand that has been cut out and string a little bell on the ribbon. Pull it through the hole and tie it in place. Use (Adhesive) 3-D scrapbook at its back and place it on the green glitter paper. Tacky glue should be used for gluing in position small red pom, pom for the nose. Small sticks should be glued in for forming the antlers. Use a fine brown point marker/gel pen for adding the mouth and eye. Add up to three small snowflakes. Add the date, name at the front and at the back.


Photo Courtesy: Little Deer Rudolph


2. Handprint Christmas Tree Cards

You will need the following materials: Sharpie markers / Craft acrylics / Canvas / Glue / Glitter

Follow the instructions: Start by painting the back ground (canvas). Paint your hand green and print it on the background. Sketch the details lightly. Use a sponge to sponge paint some snow if you wish to. Use a small brush to paint gold paint on the star at the top of the tree. Leave the project to dry.

all 3 change to this

Photo Courtesy: Handprint Christmas Tree Cards

3. Winter Birds Picture

You will need the following materials: Craft knife/kitchen serrated knife / One paper mache ball ornament / Clear Glitter / 12 pks mini birds / Paint brush and Acrylic paint / Mod Podge, satin formula / Hot Glue Gun / Silver Glitter / Two small branching Twigs / Vintage paper and Scrapbook / Two cotton balls / Cotton Batting

Follow the instructions:  Start by cutting the ball in half using the craft knife. This way, you will have two halves that you can work with. When and if the paper Mache-slips off the plastic core after having cut it and simply re-affix it using a Mod Podge coat. Paint the ornaments first using a paint brush and apply a single acrylic paint coat on the paper Mache and leave it aside to dry. Fluff up a smaller piece of cotton ball and use it to create a snow patch. Create a hole through the center using a skewer/pencil thus creating space in which you will insert the twig. Glue it in place using Mod Podge. Use a hot glue dab in the hole you just made at the center’s fluff. Insert stick so that it gets to touch the base. This way it is held in place securely. Brush Mod Podge lightly on the twig and brush it heavily on the fluff. Shake on it clear glitter and shake off the excess. Use hot glue to set in position the cardinal. Begin at the top center, use the hot glue to glue the chenille stem round the ornament frame, when you reach the center of the top again, from a loop and glue the ends in place. Finally brush the Mod Podge on the chenille stem, use silver glitter to form a coat. Shake off any excess and set it aside to dry for two hours.


Photo Courtesy: Winter Birds Picture

4. Holly Christmas Cards

You will need the following materials: Plain Christmas Card / Glue / Green Paint / Paint Brush

Follow the instructions: Start by placing the plain card on the working area. Paint your baby’s hand using green paint. Press the hand on the plain card and leave a print. Press the hand again next to the other hand print and leave it be. Sign in your name and date. Leave the paint to dry.


Photo Courtesy: Holly Christmas Cards

5. Hand Print Santa

You will need the following materials: Half a cup of salt / One cup of all-purpose flour / Half a cup of lukewarm water

Follow the instructions: Start by mixing the ingredients thoroughly in a big mixing bowl. Keen the dough till when you achieve the right consistency. Sprinkle flour on the work surface and get a rolling pin. Press your baby’s hand in the dough. Give a little extra press on every finger and the hand’s heel ensuing that you form a great impression. Use a sharp knife to cut round the edges of every hand print leaving a thin edge round the entire hand. Punch smaller holes near every dough hand print and add a ribbon to hang it. Leave it to dry for around four days. Use a spatula for the purposes of transferring the little hand on to a cookie sheet that has been lined using parchment paper. Set the cookie sheet in a safe place and allow the hand prints to dry out. Paint Santa in layers allow Santa to dry and hang.

6. Away in a Manger Footprint and Angel Handprint

You will need the following materials: Plain or colored paper / Brown acrylic paint / Paint brush / Blue paint and cream paint

Follow the instructions: Paint your leg with the brown paint and place it on the paper. At the side of your foot where there is a depression, drawn your baby using a ball point and color the covers in blue and the head should be colored with a light paint. Paint two letter X lines at the bottom side of the foot using the brown paint. Use light brown color to draw a star on top of the paper. Leave your painting to dry. Paint white color on your hand and make an angel.


 Photo Courtesy: Away in a Manger Footprint and Angel Handprint


7. Reindeer Hand Print

You will need the following materials: Gold or yellow construction paper to be used for the antlers / Brown construction paper to be used for the face / Glue sticks or school glue / Green, white or red construction paper, poster paper to be used as the page base / Black and white crayons or Google eyes, or markers / Red pom, pom or a small red tissue wad paper

Follow the instructions: Trace hand on the brown construction paper and cut out its shape. Trace fingers on the gold/yellow construction paper and cut out the shapes. Glue the hand print shape on another construction piece of paper that will be used for the reindeer’s face. Glue in place the antlers. Glue on the red pom, pom or a ball of red tissue paper which will form the reindeer’s nose and draw on it Google eyes. Write your name and date and hand it up.


Photo Courtesy: Reindeer Hand Print

8. Hand Print Wreath Tutorial

You will need the following materials: Pencil / A great deal of construction paper in green / A pair of scissors / A piece of red construction paper/red ribbon / Glitter glue

Follow the instructions: Start by tracing the hand’s child on a piece of construction paper (green). Cut out the hand print and start making around ten hand prints for every wreath. Glue the hand prints together in the shape of a wreath allowing the wrists to overlap just a bit. Glue on a red ribbon. Decorate wreathe using glitter glue and hang it!


Photo Courtesy: Hand Print Wreath Tutorial


9. Handprint Reindeer Puppets and Treat Bags

You will need the following materials: Construction Paper / Brown Paper Bags / Pom, Poms / Glue / Googly Eyes

Follow the instructions: Allow your child to trace his/her hand twice on the selected construction paper color. Cut out every hand print. For the reindeer puppets, turn the brown bag upside down. On its flap glue hand prints on every edge which will make the antlers. Fold and crease the top edge several times. For the gift bags, fill the brown nag using goodies. Use glue to add on the project red pom, pom nose using two googly eyes and leave it to dry. Fold and crease the top edges a number of times. Staple the hand print antler on every edge.


Photo Courtesy: Handprint Reindeer Puppets and Treat Bags

10. Penguin Picture

You will need the following materials: Own Punch / Three colors card stock / Googly eyes / Sharp paper snips / Adhesive and dimensional

Follow the instructions: Start by taking apart the body that you trimmed the feet off and layer it on a white bib, the feet below, the beak above and proceed to attach the googly eyes. Making the wings will need you to pick up the other black body shape and draw a wing shape on it and cut it out, flip it and use it as a guide to make the other wing. Use dimensional (s) to make the wings stand out a little and adhere them to the penguin.


Photo Courtesy: Penguin Picture

11. Dancing Santa

You will need the following materials: A pair of scissors / PVA Glue/Glue Stick / Scissors / Eraser / Pencil / Plastic/brass ring / Felt Pen/colored pencils for eyes and mouth / Fine cord / Pricking tool & pick mat or needle and lump of plasticine

Follow the instructions: Start drawing out Santa on the right colored card and cut them out. Lay leg, body and arm templates on the top of the colored card cut outs, prick a hole through the small circles marked.. Glue both the white bobble at the end of the hat and stick light pink face on the body piece head area. Glue on white hat trim and beard over face and stick on the nose. Draw eyes and mouth using felt tips. Joint together the Santa and he will be ready to dance. Fasten the ring and watch him dance.


Photo Courtesy: Dancing Santa

12. Reindeer – Draw the reindeer’s snout. Draw the eyes, ears and neck. Draw the horns. Add more horns on the side of the reindeer. Draw the reindeer’s back with a curve at the end. Draw the front leg. Draw the body and the hind leg. Draw the legs at the other sides and finish of by drawing the tail. Enjoy!!!



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