12 DIY Fun Accessories Your Pet Will Love

Watch out! It’s raining cats and dogs! Or, just to be clear, cats and dogs accessories! Do you have a little muffin pan that you are not using anymore? A few plastic bottles? A bunch of old T-Shirt’s lying around in you closet? Or unused things like a gumball machine?! Don’t toss in the trash all those unused things you have lying around your home. Reuse, recycle and give a second life by making these cute and fun DIY accessories for your furry friend. Cheap DIY ideas that will help you recycle stuff, that you once loved, into something totally “new” that your pet will love for sure. Get inspired with the help of these 12 DIY fun accessories ideas and make that perfect play toy for your pet! Enjoy!!!

1. Crocheted Mouse Toy For Your Cat – You don’t have to be an expert to make this cute mouse that your cat will love.


Via “It’s All About Crochet”

2. Dog Bowl – This dog bowl is the perfect DIY project if you are a beginner in crafts


Via “A Beautiful Mess”

3. Cat Hammocks – A wonderful cat accessory that you can buy fro a pet store or you can make that will bring joy in every cat life


Via “Hub Pages”

4. Pet Pouches – So practical, you can fit your key or card in there when you are taking your dog for a walk


Via “the b-line”

5. Patchwork Pet Bed – all you need is some basic sewing skills and a free afternoon and your good to go


Via “Apartment Therapy”

6. Doggy Cooling Vest Using Cargo Pants – Keep your pet cool from those cold winter days or those sunny summer afternoons with this awesome DIY project


Via “Instructables”

7. Dog Treats: Sweat Potato Chew – a 100% natural treat that your pet will love for sure


Via “17 Apart”

8. Gumball Machine Tank For Your Fish – Give your little fish a new home with the help of an gumball machine


Via “Instructables”

9. Dog Treat Dispenser: all you need is a chicken nest box and plastic bottles


Via “Daily Dog Tag”

10. Catnip Board – Give your cat that daily dose of exercise and entertainment with these brilliant DIY idea


Via “Design Sponge”

11.Muffin Tin Game: teach your furry little friend how to play using a muffin pan



12. Tug Toy: play fetch / tug-of-war with your pet


Via “She Knows”
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