12 Easy Ways To Tie A Scarf – DIY

When it comes to fashion and clothing, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to change your dressing style or have to keep buying new clothes to keep up with the current trends. It also means that to be unique and to look very fashionable, you can use the same clothes that you have in your closet. By following great DIY ideas and applying the right kind of make up to match your outfit, you’ll be surprised of how fashionable you will come out looking and just how many people will ogle at your different but splendid look. Today we learn the twelve ways to tie a scarf and complete a look for the day… Look at the picture and learn how to tie a scarf for every day…

No 1: If you have a scarf in yellow, pull off a great look by spicing up the scarf with a corsage just like in the picture.

No 2: If you have either a purple or pink scarf, showcase it by using it as a shawl instead, you will look royal!

No 3: That lime green scarf thrown away in your closet should be dug out. Fold the scarf in half, hold the middle part and put it around your neck. Pick the sides and carefully wrap them around the neck and back through a loop that you will have created at the front of the neck (see picture).

No 4: For the accountant/architects or just extremely individuals that have a geometric silk scarf accessorise the scarf with a chain and attach the smaller carves with safety pins, you will have accomplished what many fashion creators have yet to discover…a look that is chic!

No 5: That lovely turquoise tassel scarf that you were gifted, rock is by tying a knot that is loose and allow the scarf to flow on your neck and body as a necklace. That’s an elegant look you are going for…

No 6: If you are more of traditional black and white colours, use it to your advantage by tying a sizeable chunk of the scarf around your shoulders and finish it off with an exquisite bow…

No 7: That lovely pink scarf you always have in your bag, wrap a belt around the scarf and create a feeling that can be likened to a vest…

No 8: This is a tricky yet daring/bold move! The green Pashmina scarf, pick and tie the two corners of the scarf around your neck. The other two corners should be tied together around your waist and create a halter top effect. Do it now and see how fabulous you will look like!

No 9: That beautiful coral scarf that reminds you about that beach holiday, remember the beach by dressing up in this scarf. Put it on and tie a knot on its bottom.

No 10: That yellow yet extremely soft scarf, tie it as you would tie a lose tie and form that great knot.

No 11: The leopard black and white print scarf; go wild with the look and wrap the scarf not on your neck but on your waist, make a belt that is fashionable…

No 12: Two scarfs are way better than a single scarf! Tie them together and step out! Enjoy!!!

12 ways to tie a scarf practik ideasPhoto Courtesy: https://www.pinterest.com



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