12 Myths about Health

People keep using health treatments as if they are good for the body but instead they are destroying them selfs. Because we want to offer you quality education about health , you will learn that all of the following are myths.

1.The hair on our body will not grow thicker if shaved.  You can shave to remove hair body with no fear that the hair will grow thicker. There is no such thing. Physiologically, we do not know of any mechanism by which the follicle can dictate the increase of the thickness of the hair, which will grow exactly as before.

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2.No, the hair or nails do not grow after the death. In fact, after a few days, the skin tightens, giving the false impression of the hair and nails growing.

3. The electric shocks doesnțt help when the heart is in a-systole (no longer beats). Throughout, articles or films, we see shock in the case of isoelectric line. It’s a pointless maneuver. The shock occurs in tachycardia / malignant arrhythmias, with hemodynamic instability, loss of consciousness, imminent stop.

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4. No, you won’t see any better if you eat a lot of carrots. You will be very healthy, but will not do wonders with your sight.

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5. No, there is no vitamin B17 that destroys cancer. The amygdalin (called improperly Vitamin B17) is a toxic substance in large quantities and there is no study to show that it destroys any cancer cell.

6. You will not lose weight if you go to the gym. The key is in the food you eat. Paradoxically, sport can make you lose weight, because it generates hunger. If you want to lose weight, be careful what you eat and reduce the calories you eat. Go to the gym for physical and mental tone.

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7. You don’t need eight glasses of water per day. Hydration is especially important, but there is no amount specified. You need to drink more when you are in high temperatures and sweating significantly, when you sweat during exercise, if you have had diarrhea or vomiting. Every body has distinct needs and the input is dynamic.

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8. Antibiotics have no value in when you have a big cold, they cannot destroy viruses.

9. Not everyone has the same number of muscles or bones. There are people who have fewer or more ribs, over-bones appearing near the joints, plus or minus vertebrae, missing muscles.

10. You are not using only 10% of your brain. There are conscious and unconscious processes, simultaneous and alternative, that use the whole mass of the brain.

11. Your heart, lungs or brain doesn’t hurt. “Heart pain” is felt on the surface in the chest, back, arms, jaw, abdomen, but never below the navel. The lungs do not hurt, but the pleura that envelops them. The brain does not hurt because it does not have pain receptors – some operations can be performed only with local anesthesia (skin + meninges).

12. No, chewing gum doesn’t stay in your stomach for seven years if you swallow it. If it cannot be completely digested (often this is the case), it is driven by strong peristalgia and leaves the body 1-2 days after ingestion. Nothing bad will happened.


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