14 Creative Waterfalls, Ponds & Water Garden Ideas

Bring your garden to the next level by giving it a modern touch and creating a refreshing space with the help of water gardens. Everyone knows that water has a wonderful calming effect, and it is used in many treatments and therapy. Create a small pound, a cute waterfall or even a water garden with the help of these 14 ponds, waterfalls & water garden ideas. If you want fish in your back yard then you have to make a cute little pond. If you want to give your garden an epic look then you have to make a beautiful DIY waterfall. From flower pots to old buckets even an piano you can use almost anything to give a funky new look to your garden or yard. Get inspired from our little photo gallery and choose the one you love most. Some of these DIY craft projects are quite easy to make and can be created at home, and some of them require a professional touch. Enjoy!!!

1. DIY Indoor Water Garden


Photo + More Details

2. DIY Concrete Fountain


Photo + More Details

3. DIY Pound & Stream For An Outdoor Waterfall


Photo + More Details

4. DIY Wooden Water Garden


Photo + More Details

5. DIY Rock Fountain


Photo + More Details

6. DIY Rain Chain Waterfall

ponds-garden-design-praktic-ideas-6 ponds-garden-design-praktic-ideas-6.1

Photo + More Details

7. DIY Flower Pot Fountain


Photo + More Details

8. DIY Pond-Less Waterfall


Photo + More Details

9. DIY Waterfall Water Fountain


Photo + More Details

10. DIY Containers Water Garden


Photo + More Details

11. DIY Copper Spiral Water Fountain


Photo + More Details

12. DIY Bird Bath 


Photo + More Details

13. DIY Low-Maintenance Water Fountain – Artesian Fountain


Photo + More Details

14. DIY Recirculating Ceramic Fountain


Photo + More Details
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