15 Big Mistakes We’re Making At The Grocery Store

What do grocery shopping and car repairs, filing taxes, root canals have in common?! Beside being life activities, NOTHING!! Its true that most of us are eating almost the same foods “over and over again”. That is why we need a little bit of variety in our lives! But going to the grocery store can be an intimidating task, just because there are so many products that we can choose. But what to choose?! Beet vs. radish, cilantro vs.parsley, Meyer lemon vs.lemon, shallot vs.scallion?! So many options….. Discover all details and all the answers you need so that you can choose the right product and never again make another mistake at the grocery store. Enjoy!!!

15 Mistakes Made At The Grocery Store….


BuzzFeed – 15 Mistakes You’re Making
At The Grocery Store




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