16 Brilliant Cleaning Hacks That Will Revolutionize the Way You Clean

Cleaning most of the time is everybody’s nightmare. However it is a necessary nightmare as once you are done with it you will feel wonderful as your home will look beautiful. Today we display 16 wonderful cleaning hacks, DIY ideas that will ease the cleaning for you!

Vacuuming Vomit – As opposed to having to feel your stomach churn because of vomit, pour a little baking soda on the vomit, pour some water on it and come next morning, you will be able to vacuum it all up.

Disinfect and Clean the Dishwasher – It is possible that your dishwasher has had a funky smell at one point in your life, only to come back and realize that it also requires to be cleaned at times. To make the cleaning process a simple one, place a cup of vinegar on the top shelf of the dishwasher, run it on the highest temperature and afterwards spray a little baking soda on the lower shelf. Finally rinse it out. This process will help the funky smell disappear at once!

Broken Glass – When you accidentally break a glass in your home, use a slice of bread to pick up all the large and small bits of the glass!

Use a Microwave for Disinfecting Sponges – Pour some vinegar or baking soda on a wet sponge, throw it in the microwave for two minutes or three. The heat will make the mixture evaporate and your sponge will be cleaned.

Unseen Pet Hair on Carpet – If you have a pet and are unable to pick up all unseen pet hair, not to worry, simply run a squeegee through the carpet and voila! All pet hair will be picked up!

Chalk for Grease Stains – Eliminate grease stains using chalk. Simply rub the grease stain using chalk, hold for several seconds and simply dust off the stains.

Half Cut Onion – Cut an onion in half and slowly rub it through the grill when it’s fired up. This process cleans up the grill and allows some juice from the onion to stick behind.

Vodka for the Mattress – Use some bit of Vodka to clean your mattress. Vodka will disinfect the mattress while the oils (essential) will make your mattress smell nice.

Hair for Lipstick Stain – Have a lipstick stain? No problem, just spray a little hairspray on the stain, allow it to sit for a while and wipe it off completely.

Aluminum and Boiling Water – Do you want your silver cutlery to have than shinny sparkle? Simply boil the cutlery in water that has been lined with aluminium foil for a round ten minutes and take your cutlery out. You will be amazed how shiny it will be!

Cloudy Glasses anyone? – If your glasses are cloudy, don’t throw them away, pour a little vinegar on a paper towel and clean them. They will become crystal clear!

Dirty Sneakers? – If your sneakers are dirty and you don’t know how to get rid of the dirt especially on the sole, apply a bit of toothpaste and clean them up! They will pop out!!

Coffee Rings – If your coffee mugs have those annoying rings pour some baking soda on the rings, allow it to sit all night and clean them in the morning.

Cleaning Burnt Pans – If your pans are bunt, clean them using a cup of boiling water with a few drops of white vinegar. Add baking soda as you are just about done cleaning to make sure that the burn disappears.

Disinfect Make Up – Use a home cleaning spray to disinfect your make up kit, if you have a homemade spray even better.

Clean Air Vents – Clean your air vents using a rag wrapped around on a knife and dipped in some 409. Enjoy!!!



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