17 People That Tried Following Instructions But Epically Failed

Its true that when you want to make something creative you need a little bit of imagination and a lot of creativity. I know that you’ve tried at least one DIY craft project and I am sure that at least one of these DIY ideas didn’t came out as you expected. Let me tell you why: these DIY projects and craft ideas are much more harder that it seems at first sight! This is why all of these 17 people failed epically! When you follow instructions and try to make something unique you expect those instructions to help you make everything just like in the detailed pictures. But NO! There are people that nail every project from the start and there are people that even when they follow all the instructions precisely, the final result isn’t quite as they expect! No problem! Just keep trying, trying, trying and maybe in the end you will have the perfect final result! Enjoy!!!

Have a laugh with us with these 17 epically fails……


Viralnova – These 17 People Tried To Follow
Instructions But Epically Failed. 



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