18 Creative DIY Alternative Christmas Trees

Don’t you love the idea of reusing things you already have in or around your home?! This idea saves a lot of resources and money and also allows your own unique and wonderful style to come shining through. Get also the kids involve. They will love this awesome projects. Christmas doesn’t have to be expensive. Bellow you can find some DIY alternative Christmas tree ideas that will improve your Christmas home design. Also, it will help you save a lot of money.

Nothing like a a few lights to give this vintage ladder an holiday shine.


Such a clever way to make use of books you have sitting around. Splash a few lights on them and top them with a pine cone.


A tree made from simple driftwood branches attached to the wall, strung with lights, and a “resting place” for ornaments. The one on the right is even more simple- strung beads or even popcorn strands would work, holiday cards and a few baubles.


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Diply – You’ll Adore These 18 Alternative
Christmas Trees



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