19 Creative Ways to Use Mason Jars This Halloween

I love celebrating Halloween! All those creative decorations, costumes, so many crafts!! Just love it! And because Halloween is coming, we need to put our creative mind to work. And with the help of some DIY ideas we can make this year Halloween, unforgettable. So many DIY Halloween ideas where you can use recycled materials like: milk jugs, paper bags, tin cans and mason jars. Start “setting the spooky stage” with these 19 creative ways to use mason jars these Halloween. For example: instead of using a pumpkin to make a Jack-O-Lantern use a mason jar. So much easier and no mess. Also you can create little mummies using mason jars. You can fill the mason jar mummies with snacks or candy and give them away or just add a little candle and you will have some spooky lighted added to your home. Happy Halloween! Enjoy!!!

Get inspired here with creative ways to use mason jars this Halloween…..


Country Living – 19 Wicked Ways to Use Mason Jars
This Halloween


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