19 Very Healthy And Delicious Veggie Burger Recipes

Love burgers?! I know I do! My family loves burgers also…. But if you are a vegetarian you can not enjoy the taste of a delicious burger. Wrong!!! What if I told you that you can make not one but 19 very healthy and delicious veggie burger recipes!? Yes, a veggie burger can be quite delicious. For example, just think of the soft texture lightly spiced chickpea – lentil – brown – carrot – cashew – rice – curried patties brushed with a little bit of olive oil and also smothered in fresh and juicy mango and also a little bit of cilantro. Delicious!!!┬áSatisfy your burger cravings with a delicious veggie burger in a flash. Add toppings, crunching french fries or chips. Serve it with a refreshing lemonade or iced tea, and just laugh at anyone who will say to you that “real burgers” can’t be vegan.

Discover all 19 veggie burger recipes here……


HipHomeMaking – 19 Very Delicious and Healthy
Veggie Burger Recipes





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