20 Awesome College Hacks They Won’t Teach You At Orientation

High school is over! You are going to college!! Limitless possibilities….. limited finances!! So much fun!! But sometimes the transition from high school to college can be really scary. No more Mom and Dad to be right beside you to help you. Dorm life will make some of you miss Mom and Dad from the beginning. You will need a little bit of creativity to survive and make college life a little bit easier. Learn how to eat, save space, clean, make it to all classes, be organized and so many other creative ideas with these 20 genius college hacks. Believe me they won’t teach you at orientation about these hacks. Some of these hacks are so hilarious! If only I knew some of them when I went to college… Enjoy!!!

Discover all 20 hacks here…..


Viralnova – 20 Genius College Hacks
They Won’t Teach You At Orientation.


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