21 Helpful Hacks To Make Your Shoes More Comfortable

Do you know which body part is the most tortured of all?! I will tell you: our feet. Yes, our feet! We use our feet from morning, when we get out of bed until night when we get into bed. Sometime we even wear very high heels (talking about the Ladies) or uncomfortable shoes (Hello, Gents) just to look good. Its time to give a little bit of comfort to our feet with these awesome 21 helpful shoe hacks. For example: do you have a problem with traction when it comes to new shoes?! No problem! Sandpaper the shoe soles and I can guarantee you that you won’t fall down anymore. Have problems with blisters?! Banish them using clear gel deodorant. If the shoe smell bothers your nose just use one unused tea bags and the life of your nose and toes will be much better. Enjoy!!!

All 21 Helpful Shoes Hacks Here…..

BuzzFeed – 21 Helpful Hacks That’ll Make
Your Shoes More Comfortable



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