21 Weird Decorating Tricks That Might Actually Work For Your Home

In all honesty, due to work commitments, taking care of the kids and working overtime to make extra, we tend to fill up our homes with stuff we need and do not need and we don’t have time to store it in the right places. This means that the house ends up being cluttered and untidy. Well, if you are sick of trying to create useful ideas in your head that don’t seem to work when it comes to de-cluttering your home, we have found for you 21 weird DIY Ideas that are easy to follow and you will have your things right where they are supposed to be. These are fun craft ideas that will make life a little easier for you. Let’s get started!

1. Problems with the pots: use a towel rod at your counter end. The rod will hold several pots and they will be out of the way. This is a nice way if you have the idea of hanging them above your head.
2. Coffee mugs: You can hang several towel rods on the side wall on your kitchen counter to hold a number of coffee mugs.
3. Bedside table: if you don’t want to take up a lot of space. You can substitute the table with a drum. Cut it half way or whatever height you want it to be.
4. Ironing board: you can use the ironing board as your bedside table.
5. DIY table: You can create your own table from a wood scrap piece and fencing.
6. Wire trash can: if you have one, clean it, spray paint it and turn it into a decent bedside table. Use the bottom as the top of the table.
7. Toad stool: It is possible to turn an electrical spool into a fancy toadstool. Make a cushion to the measurements of the spool and voila!
8. Toad stool number 2: if you have the time, you can make up a fancy upholstered toadstool from an electric spool.
9. Mounted pallet: Mount a pallet, secure it in place and use it as an authentic beer display!
10. Wine bottle rack: You can repurpose it to hang other things on the wall. You can use it as a towel rack instead.
11. Decorative storage: Mason jar lids can be hung on the underside of your cabinets and you can use them for decorative storage.
12. Store lamps: To make them stand out, you can paint the ugly store lamps.
13. Rubber door mat: Add a feature on your wall by using your door mat as antique iron. Everybody will believe before they touch it. To pull this look, put on a coat and sandpaper the mat for a bit.
14. No-sew bed skirt: You can turn your drapes into a no-sew bed skirt. They will make your beddings look wonderful.
15. Sheets: did you know you can turn your sheets into beautiful looking no-sew curtains? Try it!
16. Stainless steel: Look for imitation stainless film and carefully put it on your appliances and recover them. The film makes your dull looking appliances have a stainless look and look brand new!
17. Roman shades: They should be hung slightly above the trim of the windows. Flank them with curtains. They will make the windows appear bigger.
18. Draw on furniture: custom make your cheap sofa using a sharpie and your dreams. If not that, stick with pillow covers which are temporary.
19. Mismatched furniture: Do you loathe mismatched furniture? Break this nuisance by painting the furniture using the same house-paint.
20. Counter tops: Paint any mismatched countertops using house-paint.
21. Upholstered furniture: you can as well use house-paint to match your upholstered furniture. Enjoy!!!


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