23 Handmade Projects Using Chalkboard Paint

Did you know you can use chalk board paint to create fun art projects? Yes, wonderful craft projects that will make things you use at home more beautiful and turn them into focal points. Listed below are DIY Ideas that are easy to make and will result into useful ideas…

 1. DIY Chalkboard – Use a small rounded chalk board as the base to hold your serving bowls. Use chalk to map out where the bowls should rest and anyone serving themselves will return the bowl where its supposed to be.

 2. Log Slice Chalk Board Tutorial  – Use chalk board paint to draw illustration on log slices. These are wonderful craft ideas that you can hang in your home to teach your young children in a fun way.

 3. Make Chalkboard Paint Doodle Pumpkins – You can use chalk board paint to make interesting things such as doodle pumpkins. Simply pick small pumpkins and paint them with black chalk paint and gold paint on the stem and voila! You have beautifully decorated pumpkins.

 4. DIY Chalkboard Cloche – These are interesting DIY ideas that you can make. Use white chalk to draw a great pattern on a cloche and rest your make up on the cloche.

 5. Chalkboard Paint Wine Glass – To cement your love for your spouse/significant other, pick your two favorite wine glasses and paint the base and 2 inches of the stem with black chalk board paint. Use white chalk to scribble “Yours&Mine” words on the glasses.

 6. Chalkboard Globe – Black and white images look great, don’t they? Make your globe stand out by painting it whole with black chalkboard paint and using white chalk board paint to draw up the continents.

7. Folding Chair Makeover Tutorial – To fold up and unfold a chair, on the base paint it with chalk board paint (black) use white chalk board paint to draw up the tutorial!

 8. File Cabinet Makeover with Chalkboard Paint – On one side of a file cabinet, paint it with black chalkboard paint and create “A to do list”. White chalk will map out the tasks to be undertaken.

 9. DIY Chalkboard Flatware – Decorate the stems of your flatware with black chalkboard paint and make them stand out.

 10. DIY Chalkboard Clipboard – Using a normal clip board, paint it with black chalkboard paint and voila! You have created a platform to write on your tasks to be done.

11. Chalkboard Paint Posters – Make your posters stand out by painting then with chalk blackboard paint. You can now write inside the message you wanted in an authentic black and white look!

12. Chalkboard Paint Pots – Paint over your pots using different chalkboard paint colors. They will brighten up.

 13. Chalkboard Paint Tray – Make your silverware tray stand out by painting its inside using chalkboard paint. Every time you use it to serve something, you can write a creative message inside the tray and bring joy to the people/person you are serving.

 14. DIY Chalkboard Paint Shoes – Make your shoes unique from anyone else’s by using chalkboard paint to create whatever design you desire. Nobody else will be having your look and thus you will be the center of attention.

15. DIY Chalkboard Hearts – Color clip on hearts using chalkboard paint and sketch in your initials. This is a mushy gesture that will add you marks!

 16. Chalkboard Easter Eggs – Make your Easter eggs stand out by painting them with chalkboard paint and using ordinary chalk to draw up patterns of different colors on the eggs.

 17. Ombre Chalkboard – Paint over ombre with chalkboard chalk and paint another halfway. They will stand out and beautify the space around them.

 18. DIY Garden Markers – Create lovely and sentimental says around your precious plants using chalkboard paint on wood or framed photos. This way you will let people know what type of plant you have planted and what it means to you.

 19. DIY Love Coasters – Curve DIY love coasters from wood and paint them using chalkboard paint. They will stand out.

 20. Gift Tags – Make your gifts stand out by painting over the gift tags with chalkboard paint.

 21. Chalkboard Ornaments – This Christmas, make your ornaments different. Decorate them with chalkboard paint and intrigue anyone who comes to the tree.

 22. DIY Six Pack of Treats – Make a beautiful DIY sick pack treat package. Paint over the package with chalkboard paint and scribble a special message on it.

23. Magnetic Chalk Tray Tutorial – Paint over your magnetic tutorial tray with chalkboard paint. Anytime you make words they will stand out more! Enjoy!!!




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