26 Clever Hacks To Make Any Cat Owner’s Life Much Easier

Make your “little bundle of joy” feel like an appreciated family member with these 26 clever hacks that are meant for all those cat owner’s out there!! Save a lot of money and at the same time take care of your little pet with these amazing DIY ideas that will keep your home clean, will save you a lot of money and time and at the same time will make your life much easier. For example, make a cute little cat tent just by using two hangers and a colorful old T-Shirt. If you want to create a litter box for your pet but at the same time hide it so that visiting friends won’t know its there, all you have to do is to remove the door panel from the cabinet where you want the litter box to be and add a little curtain using tension rod. I know that these “little family members” leave a lot of hair behind on the couch! But no worry.. I have the cheap solution for you: use a rubber gloved hand, run it over the upholstery and Voila! Or if you want to save the couch from scratches or if you just don’t want it on your couch, all you have to do is to add some double-sided tape on those surfaces. Use all these 26 clever hacks and you will be worthy of your cat’s respect, love and affection!! Enjoy!!!

Discover all 26 cat owner’s hacks here….


BuzzFeed – 26 Hacks That Will Make
Any Cat Owner’s Life Easier



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