27 Helpful Nail Hacks For A Perfect DIY Manicure

If you go through a fashion magazine, you will not fail to find excellent tips that can help you hack the perfect DIY manicure and make your nails look beautiful. Pick up any makeup magazine and you will not fail to find a few of the described below 27 nail hacks for the perfect DIY manicure…

No.1 Icy Water – Icy water is perfect if you wish to dry your nails faster. Dip your nails in icy water for three minutes. Air dry them in the air for a number of minutes and dunk away!


No. 2 Fix Broken Nail – Use nail glue together with a teabag and use the two to fix a broken nail.


No.3 One Cotton Ball, T-minus 5 Remove Nail Polish – Get a cotton ball, unravel it into a strip. Split the strip in to two strips and tear them into tiny pieces nail-sized. Tear till you get 13-15 pieces. Get the nail polish remover and pick a piece of the cotton wool, dip its edge in the remover place it on the nail gently. Repeat the same process for all fingers. Leave the cotton pieces on your nails for about two minutes. Pick dry pieces of the cotton wool and wipe the wet pieces of your fingers. You will have removed everything from your nails without damaging them.


No. 4 DIY Gel Manicure – Start by purchasing the five minute Gel Polish package. Ready a base coat and nail polish. Start by applying one thin coat of the five minute gel polish. Next apply a base coat of the three way glaze. Again, apply two coats of polish that is coloured. Finish off the look with a coat of three way glaze.


No.5 Taking Apart Loofah to Achieve Fishnet Manicure Look by Using the Netting – Apply polish first. Roll the loofah on embellishment. Place the loofah on the nails. Leave the polish to dry for five minutes.


No.6 DIY Dotter for Your Nails – Get a few pencils (with the eraser on top). Get a few Pins (Paper Pins). Stick the pins through the eraser. Start picking the coloured dots using your DIY dotter.


No.7 Block Smudges on DIY Manicure – Use an oil spray on your nails to set the manicure and prevent any smudges.


 No.8 Proper Top Coat Application – As you apply a top coat, it is important that you run a brush alongside the nail’s top edge opposed to using it on the cuticle side. A great way of preventing chipping by sealing the raw edge of the polish.


No. 9 Get Rid of Dark Polish by Whitening Your Nails – Start off by soaking your nails in a hot water, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide solution for around a minute. If not, why not apply a bit of whitening toothpaste on a toothbrush and proceed to scrub off the stains from the nail.


No. 10 Get Rid of Mistakes by Dipping a Small Brush in a Nail Polish Remover – Make use of an old eyeliner brush or paintbrush that you don’t use anymore. Dip it into a nail polish remover and slowly pass it over the mistake and voila!


No. 11 Professional Application of Manicure Steps – Begin by cleaning your nails, see to it that the surface is not only free from nail polish but also free from oil. Next apply a base coat/ridge filler. This is a necessary step to avert chipping and staining. Allow it to dry. Place a single drop of the polish at the nail’s centre slightly above the cuticle. Cautiously push the drop slightly close to the small gap. Start moving the brush upwards and form a straight line till you reach the end of the nail. Go back to the nail’s base and swipe off the polish alongside the nail’s curve. Drag the polish till the entire side of the nail is well covered. When necessary apply a second-third coat and finish off with a fast drying top coat.


 No.12 Dab 1st Chunky Glitter Coat Do Not Brush – This way, you will be able to evenly distribute glitter and allow big chunks to settle where you want them to. You can use a toothpick to move glitter chunks around.


No. 13 Multiple Thin Coats Opposed to One Thick Coat – Unfortunately, a thick nail polish coat only dries at the top layer, this process makes your manicure become vulnerable to smudges. Application of several thin coats on the other hand is the best way to proceed.


No.14 Application of Vaseline/Aquaphor on Cuticles – Application of Vaseline or Aquaphor on cuticles is a wonder way of keeping your skin protected from nail polish strokes that prove to be errant. Use an ear bud to apply lotion round the nail carefully not to get it on the nail.


No.15 Getting Rid of Gel Manicure at Home – Start by getting the following supplies: Tin foil, Gauze and acetone. Soak the acetone with gauze. Apply the gauze on your nails and wrap the fingers in foil. Allow the acetone to sit on the nails for 5-7 minutes. Take off the foil and scrutinize them to see whether they are well ready for a scrape. Use your thumb to scrap off the gel, within several minutes your nails will be free of the gel.


No. 16 Heart Shape Using a Tooth Pick – On your dresser place a small plastic bottle top or glass. On the top pour a drop or two of the nail polish colour you want to use. Use a tooth pick to dip on the drop and draw a heart on your nail.


No. 17 Perfect French Tips Using Band Aid – Get plastic from band aids, get stiff ones as they will not soak in the polish. Place the band aid on the nail, polish it off and hold on for several seconds for it to dry. Pull away the band aid upwards towards the cuticle, this way you avert an instance where the plastic smudges the line.



No. 18 Nail Polish Thinner for Reviving Thick and Goopy Nail Polish Bottles – Forget acetone as it only works in the short run and eventually ruins the polish. Purchase a nail polish thinner and your polish will remain intact and fresh!



No. 19 Storing Nail Polish in the Smartest Way – Get a shoe Box. On a piece of paper cut small circular circles with a pair of scissors. Apply glue on the bottom of every circular piece of paper and stick it on the nail polish bottles. Apply drops of each nail polish on the piece of paper to mark the nail polish colour. Cover the box using gift paper wrapping both on top and on the insides. Store inside your nail polish bottles and put the box away.



No. 20 Lick Away a Smudge – If accidentally you smudge a nail when it is still wet, fix it easily by easily and slightly licking the finger to smoothen out the smudge. The beauty of this trick being, your saliva will react with the nail polish making the smudge blend easily on the surface.


No. 21 Water and White Vinegar Solution for Soaking Nails – Before you apply any nail polish, soak your nails in a solution of water and white vinegar solution. The purpose of the vinegar is to strip any oils off your nails as well as any moisturizers thus preventing any formation of bubbles. Your polish adheres better and your manicure will have a longer life span.



No. 22 Fight Off Nail Infection with VapoRub – VapoRub has an ingredient known as thymol that perfectly fights yeast and bacterial infection of your nail plate. The infections will disappear within no time.



No. 23 Got Pale Skin? – If your skin is pale, apply thick hand cream just before you remove polish and prevent a scenario of getting your hands stained. Soak a cotton pad in the nail polish remover and place on each nail for 10 seconds one after the other. Apply pressure and simply slid off the pad from the nails. Use a new cotton pad again soaked in remover to get rid of any remnants that might have been left dangling about.


No. 24 Rubberized Base Coat Making Nail Polish Last Longer – Professional manicurists use a rubberized coat to hold polish for longer. The rubberized effect makes the polish stick on for longer.



No. 25 Free From Formaldehyde, DBP and Toluene – B3F is a new standard that a lot of nail polish products have adopted. Make sure that you use B3E on the top coat and base coat to avoid getting smudges and dents on your nails.



No. 26 Humid Air – If you are applying nail polish and the air is humid, you will have to wait a while longer for your nails to dry. Waiting is the only way to prevent dents and bubbles forming on your nails.



No. 27 Stay Away From a Fan – By sitting next to a fan doesn’t help your nail polish dry faster, this unwise decision only makes draft air and bubbles ruin your nail polish. Enjoy!!!



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