27 Life Hacks That Every Girl Needs To Know About

Girls are so different from boys!! I know that this is nothing new but this is the pure truth! When it comes to going out, cooking, sleeping, personal care, everything in life, there is a huge difference between a girl and a boy! Bringing you today, something for the ladies: 27 life hacks that every girl needs to know about! Its true that some of these life hacks can be use by boys also…. Funny!!! Discover all 27 life hacks…..

1. Do you have a problem with your flats?! No problem! We have the solution for you: use a pair of thick socks and your flats. Use the blow dryer on your flats for a few minutes. Let the flats cool. Do not take off your socks. Repeat process if needed.

2.Avoid green stains (from your rings) on your finger just by putting some clear nail polish on the inside port of the ring.

3. Want to “de-fuzz” your sweater?! No problem: use a pumice stone to do that.

4. Avoid cluttering in your closet by hanging your purses using shower curtains hooks.

5. Support your tweezers and bobby pins in your bathroom just by adding a magnetic strip.

6. Your kids have gum in their hair?! Remove the gum using ice cubes.

7. Do you like having a cold glass of white wine?! Use frozen frames to chill the wine.

Discover other 20 life hacks here……


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Girl Should Know About



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