28 Weird Pinterest Ideas That Actually Work

Pinterest is a fun social page. There are plenty of things that go on Pinterest and today we focus on the weird part that will make your life much easier than it is. These are all wonderful DIY ideas that anyone can pull off. Craft projects ideally, make our life easier, more so if they are practik ideas that lead to the creation of interesting things. Fortunately for you, today we focus on 28 weird Pinterest ideas/craft ideas that are indeed useful ideas.


1. Clementine Trees – Did you know that you can actually grow a clementine tree indoor? Yes, it’s possible. Just go to old trusted Google and look at the instructions and ….. Voila!


 2. Fire Glass – Instead of using wood for your backyard fire pit, use fire glass.


 3. Candy Clay Roses – If you have a knack for baking or pastry, it’s easy to pull this. Google the recipe and see how incredibly is to make roses from chocolate candy clay. All you have to do is allow the mixture sit overnight.


 4. Lemons Candles – I bet you haven’t heard this one before. Lemons are perfect emergency candles. Further experiments proves that any citrus fruits also make wonderful candles since the citric acid inside them is flammable!


 5. Brownie In A Mug – Do you like a tasty brownie? Well make it in a mug! You won’t regret it!


 6. Flesh Wounds? Close ‘Em Up! – If you have small flesh wounds that hurt like hell, use super glue to close them up. The pain goes away and the area won’t get infected!


 7. Baby Soap and Plastic Sheeting – The world’s best and affordable slip and slide is courtesy of baby soap and plastic sheeting. It’s inexpensive and proven by dozens of DIY fanatics that works. Go ahead give it a try!


 8. Speed Freak – If you love speed and want to find out your run speed all you have to do is to run past a digital speed reader. This will give you accurate speed measurements.


 9. Special Fan – There is a special fan that has been designed to stay on the floor and cool your sheets. Your sheets get cooled and you can enjoy a cool bed once you hop in!


 10. Mosquito Bites? Say Bye, Bye – If you live in an areas infested by mosquitoes or your outdoors frenzy is cut shot due to nasty mosquito bites, you can say goodbye to the mosquitoes now. Apply Orajel on the bit part and the pain recedes within seconds! Toothache gel is also a great substitute if you don’t have Oraljel.


 11. By bye Acne and Fever Blisters Too! – Campho-Phenique (pharmaceutical drug) works wonders with fever blisters and acne as well. Apply either for some time and the miracle just happens!


 12. News Paper and Mulch – Instead of disposing of old newspapers, use them beneath mulch and keep weeds off bay. You will not see any weeds growing for more than a year or two!


 13. Reusable Dryer Sheet – Using a hand towel, it’s possible for you to make a reusable dryer sheet. Instructions: Start by soaking a hand towel in fabric softener. Squeeze from it any droplets remaining from the towel. Hang the towel over a chair or on clothes line. Leave it to dry completely. After it dries throw in the dryer alongside your clothes and it will work as an ideal Dryer sheet for 40 to 50 loads!


 14. Nail Polish Stains – Nail polish fanatics know what I am talking about. To get rid of the nasty nail polish stains, make use of whitening toothpaste. You will no-longer have any stains remaining.


 15. De-Shrink Sweater – If you have a shrunk sweater, don’t freak out, get it back to its normal size using baby shampoo. Google the directions to follow and voila!


 16. Flannel Shirt Transformation – If you have a flannel shirt that you don’t fancy, don’t throw it away yet, turn it into a sassy strapless dress. Follow the due instructions and you will look super hot when it’s ready!


 17. Baby Powder Meets Mascara – Use baby powder in between Mascara coats and you will see a huge difference in the volume. Go ahead, try is now and see.


 18. Fidgety Kids Anyone? – If you have fidgety kids, put them on an excise ball, they will automatically have better concentration.


 19. Dirty Water Meet Sunlight and Stone – Did you know that third grade since comes in handy here? Yes, you can clean dirty water using the power of the sunlight and a stone. The procedure also de-salts water! Just Google it already!


 21. Razor Burns – These are quite nasty, all shavers will agree. To get rid of that burn instantaneously, use deodorant on the razor bun and you will be smiling within seconds!


 21. Build in Your Hair? – Use baking soda together with Apple Cider vinegar and you will rid of all the build in your hair. All products that are in your hair will be rid away with just a single wash and rinse. Affordable and easy steps.


 22. Reflexology – Reflexology is an ancient Chinese practice that is very easy and very practical to follow. Check out the points on your feet that you should apply pressure on to rid of ailments in your body! Google this man!


23. Mango Pitter – Just buy one and see how you will be making magic happen!


 24. Signature Gin – Yes the process is complex, however, you are in a position of making your own Gin. We you know what to do…Google has the answers for you!


 25. Skunk Spray Smell Meets Baking Soda – If a pet unfortunately smells like Skunk, instead of throwing him/her out, use baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and liquid dish washing soap to clean your pet. There will be no more skunk smell Hallelujah!


26. Toothpaste Meets Scratches – If your favorite DVDs or CDs are scratched, you can use toothpaste to get rid of the scratches. It’s amazing how this works, you can also take away scratches on watch crystals!


27. Soap Scum Remover – If your tub is filled with soap scum, you can use an inexpensive product to get rid of the scum. Suave Clarifying Shampoo works wonders. The product is non-toxic and just use a single drop and use a scrub to scrub away all the scum!


28. Layered Drink – If you are looking for a color combo drink you can use products such as Pina Colada, Ocean Spray Cran Apple and G2 Thirst quencher. These are sugars that have different colors and will layer themselves with the heaviest being at the bottom. Use some ice to make the drink worthwhile! Enjoy!!!


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    Be careful. Some deodrants have aluminium in them. It is a dangerous substance especially when it comes into open damaged skin

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