3 Easy Steps To Make A Plastic Cups Snowman

Christmas is almost here! If you are looking for different Christmas decorations these year and also easy to make then you need: the plastic cups snowman! This DIY project is very easy to do and not to mention cheap. Your kids will love this “Christmas project”. Bring into your home the Christmas atmosphere with these cute, easy to make snowman that will never ever melt.

Step 1 – Gather the following materials and supplies: plastic cups, a stapler (+ staples), a little hat that you can take from a little doll, a scarf and some paper to make the snowman decorations.

Step 2 – To make it just staple the plastic cups together to form two balls: a little one and a big one. For the head of the snowman it is better to use smaller plastic cups.

Step 3 – As a hat you can use one from a little doll and for the eyes, nose, buttons and scarf you can use some decoration paper in different color. Voila! Enjoy!!!



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