3 Ways To Bring Your Computer / Tablet In Bed With You

Say “No” to those uncomfortable computer chairs and computer desks from your life! Make things much easier! If you are tired of always seating at your desk / your computer, its time time to relax….. Have fun and also relax while you are working at your computer or only just browsing the Internet looking for DIY ideas with these following PC ideas.  What is best about these DIY ideas is that this ideas are pretty great and also healthy because accordingly with the “doctor” you are not allowed to keep the laptop on your knees. It can cause seriously damage to your skin.

1. Designer / architect Massimo Scalzo wished to combine business with pleasure and came up with a brilliant idea. And this is how the bedroom PC was born. It is a notebook or tablet holder that comes down from the bed to the principle of shelf support. It is used mainly by young people who are tired at work and want to get in bed but work until they fall asleep.





Port-Pc-Bedroom-3Photo Courtesy: Internet Photo’s

2. With the following idea all you have to do is to secure well your laptop and lie back and just do what you need to do in bed. With “The Lying Down Laptop Stand” you can also adjust the height and also angle. If you want to turn it into a regular table just flip it up and there you have it.

laptop-stand-lying-down-bed-table-computer-thanko-2Photo Courtesy: The Lying Down Laptop Stand

3. The following idea is the the best accessory for your iPad or tablet. “The Adjustable Tablet Stand” gives the possibility to use your tablet hands-free and engage in other activities: play games, read or just watch videos in landscape or portrait mode. And what  is best is that you can use this stand on what side of the bed you prefer.



Photo Courtesy: The Adjustable Tablet Stand

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