32 Awesome Makeup Tips That Nobody Told You About

By just using a few tips and tricks from a fashion magazine, you really don’t need to be a professional makeup artist to adorn beautiful looking makeup. By following the right makeup DIY ideas, you will learn the simple but exquisite tricks to apply makeup so that it looks beautiful and natural. Below are a few fashion forward makeup tips that will make you tick!

 1. Repurposed Plastic Dollop – A plastic ladle is a wonderful tool to use for the easy application of mascara on the bottom lashes, the spoon will help you not get mascara all over the skin underneath your eyes. The spoon is also a great addition to achievement of a coat that is much thicker.

 2. Blush For Type of Face- If you wish to put on blush on the most fluttering area on your face, start by determining the shape of your face. Blush adds color, defines and contours the cheek bones. The way you rub on your blush accentuates the best features softening the features that might be noticeable.

 3. Scotch Tape Eye Outline – This is an eccentric beauty utility that helps by guiding you to apply eye liner as well as shadows particularly if you are in the lookout for a much bolder look such as the cat eye. The stencil will help you attain an even and stable look for the set of eyes.

 4. Concealing Underneath Eye Bags – Instead of just sweeping a layer of concealer to the whole under eye area, the only way to really conceal bags is by highlighting creases and applying a darker shadow to areas that are puffy.

 5. Eye Highlights – Highlights placement is a critical thing especially when you are looking to create a natural attractive eye makeup. Your creams, whites and pearls (lighter colors) need to be smeared in the inner angles, and at the mid of eye and underneath the bone brow. Start by applying the lightest color first then transfer on to the darker shades.

 6. Fixing Up Clumpy Mascara – Unfortunately after using a tube of mascara for a while, it dries up and begins to form lumps that are unattractive. To avert this crisis, desist from pumping your mascara as trying to get more on the wand only makes it dry even faster. To make it last longer add a single drop or two of any brand of eye drops in the mascara tube and use the wand to rub around. The eye drops softens the mascara liquid and thus you can use it with ease.

 7. Lipstick Ready – Exfoliate lips using a baby toothbrush. To get the job complete, do a DIY homemade lip exfoliate using coconut oil and sugar. If not, shelter your lips in petroleum jelly or lip balm before you scrub.

 8. Eye Shape Make the Finest – As critical as color options are, place your shadows as well as liners appropriately. This way, you will be able to create any kind of illusion you crave for. By placing them carefully, you will be able to make your eyes seem broader, closer set, deeper set and much more prominent etc. Determine the form of eyes you have, then proceed to emphasize them properly.

9.  Make Eyes Seem Larger – Invest in a white outline. Refrain from coating your water line using a dark eyeliner and instead opt to use a white outline so that you are able to generate the impression of a bigger eye.

 10. Tightlining – This is the application of your liner in between the lashes. An elegant way to seem as if you are not adorning any makeup in any way. Add just a dash of color as well as the meaning to your eyes and the lashes base appears to be a little thicker.

 11. Makeup Eye shadow Pop – Every bought a vibrant color of shadow that after application is appeared a little dull? Well, if you want to make the color pop the magical ingredient to add to it is a white base. Make use of a white eyeliner for purposes of covering up your whole lid before you apply the color of your choice.

12. The False Eyelash Look – We know how false lashes can be such a pain, and very time consuming affair. Rock them painlessly and in little time following this tips: after having curled up your lashes, proceed to apply a thin layer of powder before you apply mascara. All you have to do is sweep a small blending brush across the compact and proceed to apply it both on the bottom and top of your eyelashes. You can as well use baby powder, but the two products produce a base that makes them appear fuller. Proceed with applying two coats of mascara on the bottom an top sides of the lashes, allow five minutes in between every coat so as to avoid them becoming clumpy. As you apply mascara, no need to only move the mascara wand from the lashes up base. Ensure that you move the mascara wand back and forth as you go up. The right to left motion (and vice versa) ensures that each and every lash gets covered entirely all the way to the tip). The next thing to do is to check if there any gaps on the lashes. Utilize the wand’s tip and apply another mascara coat on the individual lashes especially in the regions where they appear sparse. Even better, utilize a fine tipped liquid eyeliner that fine tunes and will fill any gaps present.

13. Lashing Curling Hush-hush – Get the maximum from the lash curler by pilfering at the lashes base, proceed to lift the curler upwards and place it in an upturned position. This way, you will form a double curl that will last longer

14. Heat Your Lash Curler – Hold up a blow dryer next to the lash curler for five seconds. The heat from the dryer will work the same way as it does the curling iron, this way your flirty lashes now will last all day long.

15. The Perfect Match – Regardless of how well it is applied, if you go for the off beam color, you will end up looking horrible. Since your neck doesn’t get exposes to the sunlight as much as your face does, it’s best that you match your face to its accurate color.

16. Business Card Trait – As you apply mascara, take out any business card and hold it behind your eye lashes. Proceed to apply the mascara back and onward beginning from the roots. This process will help you coat each and every lash quickly.

17. Secret Eye Lift – Begin by sweeping a light pink matte pencil across the whole brow bone length. This way, you create a perfect illusion of an arch that is higher, blend it and it will not be detected!

18. The Correct Contouring – When smeared in the right manner, contour is able to define the cheekbones and also the jaw line, thus minimizing the double chin look. This move will also reduce a wider nose look and will lift up sagging eyes. In short, you are using makeup for the purpose of highlighting and accentuating your structures. This is a great move for photos since the camera has the tendency of picking shadows& highlights way better than the bare eye.

19. The Line Saver – There are some types of eyeliners that are not in their original place after using them for a while. These are especially eyeliners that are not water proof based. To keep the eyeliner working as it should, stroke loose or constrained powder underneath the eye liner or at the bottom lid. This way, you form a barrier thus preventing the eyeliner from going downwards.

20. The Lip Trick – If you want a dramatic effect on your lips, line them up outside the natural line, slightly though. A slick lip is a sexy lip but an overly done one makes you look like a clown!

21. Downward Strokes – As much as you wash up your face and proceed to apply moisturizer using upwards strokes, so that you can minimize fine lines and block out a saggy face, the opposite is true for powder and foundation. A majority of us have a bit of hair on our faces and it unfortunately grows downwards.

22. Eyebrows and Face Outline – A majority of us ignore eyebrows, it’s unfortunate that we don’t realize their important defining face role they play. There is no one outline that is the finest and it is all dependent on the exceptional facial features as well as shapes. Similar to contouring, the thickness and the shape of the eye brow plays a huge role in softening the shape of your face.

23. DIY Tinted Moisturizer – Its effects are the same as that of B&B Cream. It is wonderful for hiding imperfections, with a truly natural look. All you have to do is mix up the favorite facial moisture using a bit of concealer. This is the perfect way to customize the concealer with just the right amount of coverage.

24. Instant Eye Lift – A quick and very easy illusion that allows you to have an instantaneous eye life. Draw an arch directly above the eyebrow using your favorite highlighter, use your finger to blend it. This makes the arch seem raised, you whole eye are will appear as if it has been lifted.

25. Wash & Save Your Wands – Opposed to throwing away your expired mascara, you can wash and reuse the wands. Convert them into eyebrow brushes and start applying some color before you stroke across the brows. Alternatively, you can use hairspray and utilize the brush to keep your brows in shape.

 26. Clump-Free Lashes – Many may see this as waste but if you are in dire need of clump-free-lashes, all you have to do is wipe down the mascara wand on a tissue before you make any application. This is the best way to apply a number of coats seamlessly.

27. Blemish Secret – Opposed to using a bulky concealer tube for the purpose of covering your blemishes, rub a little on an eyeliner brush so that you achieve accurate control.

28. Soften the Line – To soften the look of a liquid liner, sweep through a metallic brown shadow over it. This move will finish the hardline and will help in hiding away any imperfections.

29. Make It Last – Keep your lips perky and kissable by sealing the deal. After the successful application of lipstick, hold a tissue over them and proceed with applying powder over the tissue. This way, you will create a matte look that will last for a while.

30. False Eyelash 101 – Using false eye lashes enhances your looks. Just sit patiently for several minutes for the application of these lashes and you will move from drab to fab!

31. The 3-D Lip Effect – To make this simple yet stunning effect, use your finger to stamp a little of eye shadow/frosted blush at the center of the top lip and bottom lip.

32. When to Toss It Out – As much as may feel that you have spent a lot on makeup and you don’t want to toss it out, it reaches a point where your make up turn into an unhealthy gear for your eyes and skin. If you apply something around your eyes and it instead makes you worse it’s time to clean up your makeup drawer and go for another shopping spree! Enjoy!!!




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