4 diy carpet tutorials that will leave you wanting a carpet in every room

The carpet is really not the latest trend when it comes to interior design. For some people it may even seem an outdated piece of decoration. In the old days, carpets were, of course, used to cover an entire floor. And whether they showed wealth, keep warm or were just preferred by people, they were always present. As modern floors evolved and moved on to more long lasting materials such as wood or stone, the carpet slowly went away. So we could say that for a moment, carpets were on the verge of being lost.

But in the modern times, they managed to make a comeback and they made it strong. Nowadays, carpets are no longer those old and busy blocks of material covering your floors. They are small, they are bright, and they are used to enhance your design. They can be made out of all kinds of materials and any size, in order to fit your personality, preferences, and home. But why pay for something that you can easily make in just a few steps? Don’t believe us? Just check out these amazing tutorials below and all you have left to do is pick where in your home are you going to place your next rug.


Photo and project via papernstitchblog


Photo and project via abeautifulmess


Photo and project via sayyes


Photo and project via our-everyday-art


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