4 Easy Steps To Make A Bright Ideas Stenciled Lampshade

Give your living room a fresh look and enjoy a far more relaxing and comfortable space with this brilliant DIY idea. A very quick and simple DIY project when it comes to “upgrading” a boring lampshade that you have in your home. Bring your craft project to life with just a few extra dollars and give that old lampshade a second chance… Let’s jump in….. To get started, you will need the following materials: a pair of scissors, a pencil, fabric lampshade in a light color, scrap fabric that you will use to practice drawing on, a fabric marker that doesn’t have to be ironed on in order for the paint to set, a little piece of thin cardboard that you can get from a cereal box.

Follow these 4 easy steps and make a bright ideas stencilled lampshade:

Step 1 – Start of by sketching a light-bulb shape on the cardboard and cut the shape out.

Step 2 – Get the fabric marker and trace with it the template on the scrap fabric allowing you to attain the feel of how the paint will come off the marker. This is the best time to practice filling in details that you wish to fill in.

Step 3 – The instance you are comfortable tracing and drawing, begin by drawing on the lampshade’s backside. You can either use tape or a lint roller for dusting off the lamp shade before you decide to paint on it.

Step 4 – Keep going, you can decide to play around with the pattern. Allow the light-bulbs match along in rows that seem staggered.

You are done! Enjoy!!!



Photo Courtesy: http://jadeandfern.com

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