5 Clever Tips To Organize Your Toddler’s Toys

Since you became a parent, your home decor has gone from Pottery Barn to Old MacDonald’s barn. But it is possible to tame kid gear in your home and organize those endless piles of toys. Organizing kids toys should be made so that kids can access and understand their responsibility. Get inspired with these tips on how you can organise your toddler’s toys and attract the small ones at “games” about cleaning and placing the toys in order.

1. Remove toys gradually forgotten or inappropriate –  If you notice that the pipsqueak got bored of a car or did not like it the first time, then place it in an area where he cannot reach, preferably hidden. You can do the same with the toys that are unwise to play, or with the toys that he’s not using properly. After 5-6 months if your child has not asked for that toy, then you can throw or give it to other children.



2. Reorganize toys at least twice a year – The best chance of sorting and disposal toys is the day that your pipsqueak receives gifts. Christmas,  Children’s Day, birthday or name day will draw attention to the gifts, leaving you space to eliminate parts that are not used for a while. Do not hide the toys well because he may remember a few of them, but with a little attention you will make him forget about them.



3.Favorite mascots in the spotlight – Each child has a few favorite toys: a small mascot with which he is sleeping at night or dolls without whom the little one won’t leave home, you should make sure your child always have them in mind to not panic. Clean and wash frequently toy in question and place it in a clean spaces, in order to determine the little one to keep it more hygienic.



4. Pack the small parts in suitable boxes – Lego games, little cars or small doll accessories will be grouped and placed together in a box where the child will place them every time he will finish paying with them. Small parts are dangerous because you can walk on them or be swallowed by children or pets. It is preferable to organize a well defined space to ensure you do not find the parts in the rest of the house or room.


5. Use spice racks as book shelves – Buy spice racks from IKEA or local store and transform them into those perfect, cheap book shelves ready to hold the correct amount of books. Enjoy!!!


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