52 Weeks Money Challenge – How To Save Money

There is a saying: “Money are made to be spent!”. And I admit that I love to spend money. Usually most of my money are “going” on little things that are helping me to put in practice my ideas. I am always saying that I will start to save some money during the year. But that thing never happens. And like an answer to my “dilemma” I came over this brilliant idea saving money during the year following the next instructions: for each week of the year 2014 I will try to save that much in dollars (Euro, Lira, Forint, Ron – depending where you live). This way you will save for every week from 2014 that much in dollars. Example: for Wk 1 you will save 1 dollar, for Wk 2 you will save 2 dollars….., for Wk 27 you will save 27 dollars and so on until the last week of the year, Wk 52 when you will save 52 dollars. This way, if you follow this project you will have around 1.378 dollars. So why not give it a try?! This way you will have some “pocket change” to buy something nice at the end of the year. And what is best is that all you need for this saving project is: a big jar, a pen and a printer where you will have to print the saving money list. So, good luck in saving money!!



Photo Credit + Printable here…..   52 Weeks Money Challenge

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