7 Awesome Ways to Repurpose Old Furniture

Old furniture can be a pain to get rid of and it usually means that you have to get new furniture in order to replace it. But why go through all that trouble when you can repurpose your old furniture and get the best of both situations? We are going to show you a few little tricks that you can use to salvage your old furniture and put it to other good uses. This is not only a good thing for your home, yourself and your budget but it is also good for the environment. By using your old furniture instead of tossing it, you help by not creating even more litter and recycling. A better home, a better world and a better you.

Door into Corner Shelf


Via “Crafaholics Anonymous

Dresser into Wine Rack


Via “Designed Deco

Dresser into Plant Holder


Via “Kelly Elko

Vintage Suitcase into Chair


Via “seeKatesew

TV Cabinet into Play Kitchen


Via “Giggleberry Creations

Headboard into Chalkboard Coat Rack


Via “My Repurposed Life

Crate into Dog Bed


Via “Home Frosting

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