7 Dangerous Acts after A Meal

Did you know that you can face danger after having a hearty meal? Neither did I. however experts suggest that the 7 acts mentioned below shouldn’t be done after having your meal. Some of you have done and maybe relentless to let them go. However, if you want to keep your health stay away from these seven dangerous acts after having a meal:

1. Smoking – Right after having your meal, you should resist the urge to smoke. Why? For starters, smoking cigarettes is bad for your health. Research found that cigarettes carry as many as 60 carcinogens that are cancer causing, combined with nicotine will in a short while turn you into an addict. The more you continue smoking the more you are inviting cancer into your body. When you smoke immediately after having a meal, you increase your chances of contracting cancer ten times.

2. Stay Away From Fruits – Do not start eating fruits immediately after having  your meal. Fruits will bloat your stomach. Fruits are better eaten at-least 30 minutes before or after having a meal. If you have fruits after a meal, the acid produced will mess up your body system and you will suffer from unending heart burn and you will be bloated turning your day or evening into a nightmare.

3. Tea after Meal Is a No Go Zone – Do not drink tea after meals. Why? Tea leaves carry a high acid content. Since your stomach produces acid to break down protein, excessive acid with further break down the protein rendering it useless in your body. Remember after having a meal your stomach will be full of food and to ensure the digestion process runs smoothly, see to it that you have a cup of tea no sooner than 30 minutes to an hour after. No wonder tea was meant for morning and afternoon (4 O’clock) time.

4. Do not tighten your belt after eating – Yes a very tightly done belt after having a meal will cause intestinal problems. A tight belt increases abdominal pressure and will more than likely increase the risk of acid reflux into the esophagus. Keep your belt loose and promote good digestion.

5. Do Not Bathe Immediately After Having A Meal – Yes believe it or not, after having a meal, you shouldn’t take a bath immediately. Why? More blood will be pumped into your upper body, head and arms and the lower body, legs leaving only little blood circulation in your mid-section (Stomach area). Food will take longer to digest and you will feel bloated for quite a while.

6. Do not walk after having had a meal – A contentious point right here. Well, walking will not cause you to bloat or suffer from stomach pains, however, walking immediately after having a meal will make all the nutrients disappear into the body instead of being digested and absorbed by the body first.

7. Sleeping Immediately After Having A Meal – Do not sleep immediately you have a meal. Why, simply because dependent on the sleeping position you assume food may not be digested properly. That’s why we have dinner at 6 or 8 and sleep at ten or late. By the time we go to sleep digestion will have started. Sleeping immediately after having a meal will make you suffer from heart burn and you can easily become obese should you form a habit of eating and going to sleep direct after the meal.



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