7 Steps To Make Cute Mittens Doll Christmas Decorations

Before Winter Holidays everyone has that Holiday fever and starts doing a lot of preparations: Christmas shopping list, plans for the Christmas dinner, Christmas treats, Christmas house cleaning. And when you start the “Christmas” cleaning through your closets and especially your kids closet and you find in your child’s drawer mittens that doesn’t fit anymore or have only one pair don’t toss them away. Put your creative mind to work and with a little bit of help make an original Christmas decoration. Just follow the steps bellow and by the end of these DIY project you will have a cute mittens doll.

Step 1 – Start by filling the mittens with rice or beans. Be sure to fill also the “finger” with rice/beans because that will be the hand of our little decoration.

Step 2 – Tie the top with rubber bands. Make sure that you don’ t tie the rubber band right at the top. Leave some space for the collar.

Step 3 – Use a Styrofoam ball (not so big) and a chopstick. Poke the Styrofoam ball in the middle with the chopstick.

Step 4 – Place the chopstick – Styrofoam ball inside the mittens. The Styrofoam will be the head.

Step 5 – Cut the “fingers” of the mittens and tie them with a rubber band or colorful ribbons.

Step 6 – Using a glue gun, glue the sock to the head of the dolls.

Step 7 – Use a marker and draw the eyes, nose, mouth of the dolls. You can use buttons to glue on the clothes and little decorations to put in their hands.  And you awesome Christmas doll decoration is done!!! Enjoy!!! Happy Christmas!!!




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