7 Tips For Using Fabric Softener Beside Your Clothes

Do you know that fabric softener can also be used as furniture polish? Or do you know that you can also use it as stain remover, you can clean windows and floors. Or that gives shine to tiles and aromatizes the environments. Just read these tips and you will know why you should use fabric softener beside your clothes:
1. New carpet: the fibers from rugs and carpets are dry and rough to the touch. Solve this  problem by putting 1/2 of cap from your fabric softener into two gallons of water. Transfer the liquid into a spray bottle and spread on the carpet or carpet fibers, massaging with your fingers. Use rubber or disposable gloves to prevent potential allergies. Let it dry naturally and feel the difference!

2. Bathroom clean: the softener is great for making gentle cleansing. You can use it on the floor, on the tiles, the toilet, the sink, in Formica counter, down the drain, in towels … Dilute the product with water or alcohol and apply with damp cloth.

3. Stubborn stains: get rid of “stubborn stains” by making a solution of two parts water and one of softener. Use a slightly damp cloth on the stains and then dry. Ready?! Gone!

4. Powerful furniture: polish if you need to take the dust furniture daily, try to clean the furniture with fabric softener diluted in water in the proportion specified by the manufacturer. The softener creates a film on the furniture that keeps the powder away for days and still gives a discreet glow to the wood. You can use it also on: Formica counter, on the kitchen sink and even on the stove and refrigerator.

5. Glass: the product can leave the glasses so clean, bright and spotless, in addition to repel dust for several days. Here’s the “recipe”: dissolve a table spoon of softener in 1/2 liter of water. Transfer the mixture to a spray bottle and use a soft, lint-free cloth for cleaning. Wait to dry and remove the excess with a dry flannel. Another possibility: put a cup of fabric softener in the spray bottle and fill it with alcohol. Splash in the glass and wipe a dry cloth in a circular motion.

6. Clothes: in a quart of water dilute a cup of fabric softener and the same amount of alcohol. Mix well, put in a spray bottle and see how it works! It will leave a yummy smell to your clothes.

7. Refresh you home: Choose the softener which has the most pleasant aroma and suitable to the climate that you want to create at home: romantic, rural, Eastern … Then dissolves a capful of the product in a liter of water, dampen a clean cloth in the mixture and apply on the floor and on the doors. As the ammonium salt also works as a good perfume fixative, the aroma will stay in the air for hours and hours! Enjoy!!!


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