8 Creative & Unique Ways To Spice Up Your Home Using Photo Transfer DIY’s

Have you ever wished you had a pillow, mug or flower vase with a cute family photo on it?! That perfect vacation photo will look perfect on that white lampshade or plain memories candle. Learn a very easy and also quick photo transfer method and transform an plain object into something personalised and pretty, very cheap. All you need to get started on these awesome DIY ideas is some images (you can use photos or clip art – as long as you can print them on your printer) and solid household objects. Get inspired with these 8 creative & unique ways photo transfer DIY’s and give a personal touch to your home or that future gift you want to make for your friends or family. Enjoy!!!

Discover all 8 ways to spice up your home using photo transfer here…….


Diply – 8 Unique Ways To Spice Up Your House
Using Photo Transfer DIYs!



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