8 Simple & Genius Makeup Tips For Girls

Do you think that you are fully aware of everything there is to know about makeup? Well if you think so, think again. Pick up any makeup magazine or fashion magazine and you will be bombarded by quirky tips that will help do an entire makeup do over and still look as beautiful as ever. From tips and tricks that make products last to products which augment their effects, below are great wonderful tips you can borrow a leaf from…

No.1 Make Makeup Last for Longer – Slightly wet the makeup brushes before you apply any foundation. Not only will your looks be much more radiant, your makeup will go a notch further. Why not give an eye-shadow a try for a little dew sheen and within no time you shall be using very little make-up.

No.2 Turn Your Lip Gloss into Plump Lip Gloss – It’s unfortunate that we are not blessed with every shade we would wish for lip gloss. Stop spending on lip gloss color you loath, sprinkling several peppermint oil drops and your gloss will benefit from a pout-pumping fix.

No. 3 De-Oil the Oily Bits – If you are looking to create a smooth good-looking matte finish start by applying a little anti-perspirant on your fingers. Blot it in the skin apply it on your under eyes a perfect solution that de-slicks t-zones.

No. 4 Lengthen Eye Lashes – Follow a talcum powder technique that will form most of your mascara as it will add both volume and length. Begin by applying the first mascara coat, proceed to dust on a bit of powder using a blusher brush when your lashes are still wet. Next add a glossy black coat which will pump up the thickness.

No. 5 Hiding “Hung-Over” Eyes – If your eyes look hangover, or if you are suffering the flu brighten up your eyes using a dab of white pencil. Place the water pencil in the waterline will help neutralize the red and angry eyes it will also help them pop out appearing much larger all through the painful fatigue.

No. 6 Acquiring Everlasting Lip Gloss – If you are in search of a few more wears out of the running on empty gloss, start by popping the tube into a glass of water that is a little warm and allow it to sit for around ten minutes. The warmth of the glass melts the gloss from the sides allowing you to keep using it till the last drop.

No. 7 Brighten up the Eyes to conceal the bags – Salmon pink tones are wonderful when it comes to the cancellation of dirk circles that are into too deep, unfortunately, a lot of concealers are a tad bit yellow to reap any other type of benefits. Add into the mixture a bit of coral lipstick on the typical cover-up and neutralize the blue and purple and your under-eyes instantly brighten up.

No. 8 the Right Way to Apply Concealer – If you know that just like many others you have been dotting concealer underneath your eyes, you have been doing the wrong thing. Triangle shape from will blocks out any sort of dark tones especially when dark circles bring you down. Picture your eyelash line as a side of the triangle, start from that point and go to the point at the tops of the cheeks and blend in gently. Enjoy!!!



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