Want To Ace That Interview? 13 Practical Ideas On How To Do It

Forget what you learn from books or the internet about what to say, what to do and how to dress for an interview?!?! Below are 13 simple but usually overlooked things that you should and shouldn’t do if you want to ace that interview…

1. Job Hunting, Organization is Key – When you get started on the journey to find a job, you should organize yourself as well. Ensure that you have gone to the printers and printed out enough copies of your resume. Go to your wardrobe and pick out clothes you plan on wearing on the interview day. Organization helps you worry less when you get that job interview and less worry means more confidence.

2. Water is Nice but ICE I don’t think so! – When you are offered a glass or bottle of water during the interview, accept it. However, insist that it shouldn’t come with ice. You will avoid a catastrophe from happening. How you ask? If the glass is too cold from the ice, it can slip from your hand due to condensation. If you have jittery hands, the ice makes them shake enough to reveal how tense you are.

3. What Does a Napkin and A Back pocket have in Common? – Placing a napkin at the back pocket will save you loads; you can use the napkin on your hands and wipe of the tension sweat from them!

4. Panty Liners and Heels! Who Knew! – Yes panty liners auger well with heels. How you ask? When it warm, it’s likely that your feet will keep sliding or worse stick to your heels. Pick up a panty liner, carefully slip it in the shoe and they will absorb all the sweat. Your feet will remain dry and you will be more comfortable!

5. Mornings the Best Time for an Interview – If it is left up to you, book that morning for an interview. In the morning we are more awake, fresh and have mastered enough confidence!

6. Three Seconds and Rules – Before answering any questions, always wait for three seconds. This is the time you will be busy processing the question and you will seem confident and provide the interviewing panel with adequate answers. A perfect rule for phone interviews by the way.

7. S.T.A.R Process and Ace The Interview – The S.T.A.R (Situation, Task, Action, and Result) Process is an action plan that aids you in covering all bases of the questions thrown your way.

8. Exercise – Whether you actively engage in exercises or not, when the big day comes, wake up 30 minutes early, switch on the TV or PC and do some cardio exercises between 10 and 20 minutes, take a shower and ready yourself. This simple but effective exercise will get your blood pumping and you’ll be able to release any tension or anxiety you have.

9. Standing and Smiling – If you are doing an interview over the phone, always stand up and smile. This simple action improves your voice quality and makes you feel confident. The more confident you are the closer you get to that job!

10. The chin and the Phone – Always keep the receiver close to your chin. Never keep you receiver near your mouth and let the interviewer find a reason to bombard you more with questions thanks to your nervous, creepy breathing.

11. Skip the coffee – Say no to coffee in the house or on your way to the interview. Why? Caffeine in the coffee will definitely hype you up, however, your nervous feeling will be hyped up too and you will seem more nervous. Grab a cup of tea, the caffeine in it will help you concentrate more.

12. Higher Percentage of Proteins, lower percentage of carbs – Before dashing out of the house for the interview, eat food that is rich in proteins. That morning have bread and peanut butter or beat up and fry an egg or two. These are foods that will keep your mind alert. Carbs on the other hand will make you feel sleepy throughout the interview.

13. Zip Up on all the Skills – Instead of blurting out all your skills, shut up and hold a conversation with your potential employer. A talk will help the employer know how well you are suited for the job.

When you are through with the interview, walk out in style and grace. Show them that you are confident that you already aced the job and are ready to get started!



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