Add Fragrance To Your Home Using Natural Room Scents

The smell of food or moisture can give your home an unpleasant scent. However, you don’t need to buy expensive air fresheners. You can make your very own homemade natural room scents. Store bought room fresheners are harmful to health and can cause respiratory infections and asthma. Replace them with natural fragrances, homemade, fragrances that do not cost much at all.

Ingredients That You Need To Make Healthy Air Fresheners – Citrus fruits are the best for natural room scents because their perfumes and fragrance last longer. Lemons and oranges are the most suitable for room fresheners. All spices can be used to make a room fragrance, but rosemary and thyme are the best because these spices are stronger. You can also use cedar or pine nuts and various essences. Mint, vanilla and almonds have fresh scents that last.

Recipes For Natural Room Scents – Use a pot. Add water, orange peel, cinnamon sticks and cloves. Boil them and let the flavor to enter every room of your home. You can reheat the composition also in the following days until the smell runs out.
Do the same scent using lemon peel, rosemary and vanilla. The combination of lime, thyme, mint and vanilla essence is also pleasant. If you like sweet flavors, mix orange peel, ginger and almond essence. For a complex scent, pine nuts mixed with bay leaves and nutmeg.

And since the Winter Holidays are almost here, you can get into that holiday spirit using homemade natural scents. Mix an apple cut into pieces, peel an orange, a stick of cinnamon, a spoon of nutmeg, a tablespoon of vanilla essence, a tablespoon of almond essence and half a cup of water. Boil them and give flavor to all the rooms from your home. Happy Holidays! Enjoy!!!



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