Balcony Grill Bruce – A Practical Idea For Small Spaces


Haven’t got a large garden? Don’t worry; meet Bruce! Bruce is the answer to all those of you with balconies. Easily attached to the railing of your balcony, this grill takes up little space and away you go. It allows you to enjoy all the tastiness of grilled meats and vegetables. The Balcony Grill Bruce can be fastened, simply, with commercial flower box mounting plates to the balcony balustrade. For this ingenious idea you don’t need a special place. And in the future if you dot need the grill, you can use this for flower boxes. This ingenious invention is going to be a hot item this summer. The Bruce Balcony Grill is the space saving device for every BBQ enthusiast.


Dimensions: width 58,5 cm, height 16 cm, depth (without holder) 18,5 cm, depth (with holder) 37- 41 cm and extractable / Measures: Length 57.5 cm, Width 19 cm, Height 16 cm / Weight: 5.4 kg / Category: Grills / Color: black / Material: steel sheet / Price: 59,99$



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