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Breakfast in bed is a popular gesture that never grows old. A surprise breakfast for your just walking spouse that comes served complete with a flower and a big kiss to add ice on the cake is an act that will make your spouse happy and touched by your thoughtful gesture. However, to make your breakfast in bed idea look unique, you should make the arrangement have centerpieces. This will show how much you love and treasure the person you’re bringing the breakfast to. As you know, good ideas for a unique breakfast in bed are best done by creating shapes that will entice your loved one. French toast pancakes and sausages are some of the best breakfast foods you can create desirable shapes with. To make heart shaped pancakes, pour the butter inside heart shaped metal cookie cutters. However for French toasts, cook the toast first and later on use the cookie cutters to make shapes. This is a perfect way of saying how much you love someone without even having to open your mouth and speaking it. To make the tantalizing breakfast take a sausage, slice it in half until but leave a few inched intact. Turn the two halves inside out and create a heart shape. Lock the two ends together with a tooth pick. Pour the egg inside the space that you’ve created without beating it. Add a little oil or butter and light up the stove and let your food cook. After a few minutes the sausage will cook so will the egg and you’ll have formed a heart shape just like you desired. To make you food more interesting, serve the heart together with a piece of fruit and toast. If you significant other loves a glass of juice or cold milk, add it to the breakfast menu. Sweeten the breakfast add some jam that will brighten the toast. This is a nice way to surprise your significant other. A heart shaped breakfast made of edible food will not only show them how much you love them but they will have started their day nicely and will grow fond of you more… Come on, give this breakfast idea a try and see how much love you will get from your hubby!



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