Best Table Saw Accessories: For Craftsmen in 2021

In order for you to bring the best out of your table saw, you will need some of the best table saw accessories you can find. To get the best cuts, your accessories need to be just as good, or even better than your table saw.

Whether you’re a professional or a novice, you’ll need to learn what each section of the table saw so that you can increase the safety when making better cuts.

Make sure that if you’re curious in talking about all the latest table accessories you’ve used, you’ve arrived in the right spot. In order to really explain and understand all the best table saw accessories, we can split them into three major categories:

Table saw

A table saw (also known as a saw bench or a bench saw in England) is a woodworking instrument, consisting of a circular table saw blade, mounted on an arbour, powered by an electric motor (either directly, by belt, or by gears).

The blade protrudes through the top of the table, offering protection for the material, normally wood, being cut. In most typical table saws, the width of the cut varies by pushing the blade up and down: the more the blade protrudes off the table, the sharper the cut produced in the material.

In certain early table saws, the blade and arbour were fixed, and the table was rotated up and down to reveal more or less the blade. The angle of the cut is adjusted by changing the angle of the blade. Any of the older table saws twisted the table to control the position of the cut at the table.

Core Accessories

These are known as the basic components, and without them, the table saw can hardly be used. Let’s take a look at the details of these basic parts:


Logically, the blade is the most critical component of the table saw. There are various styles of blades used for different purposes. The distinction between the table saw blades is the number of teeth as well as the form.

As such, when you’re searching for a table on what upgrades to use, make sure to concentrate on the material that you’re cutting as well as how you want to cut it.

There are blades that can be used to make specific cuts, but if you’re just starting out, you can buy the versatile blades that make all the cuts. It is your duty to ensure that your blades are still sharp.

Rip Fence

When making basic cuts, you’re going to need a rip fence as a guiding accessory. When making in-grain cuts, the rip fence is used as a vertical plane guide for accurate cuts.

This would be popular in most cutting projects utilising top-rated table powersaws. This is an essential accessory, as it will give you a clear guide to the workpiece through the blade.

Miter Gauge

It’s another accessory that’s just as important, just like a rip fence. You’ll need a miter gauge if you choose to make angle cuts and cross-cuts. When shopping for a miter gauge, you need to find one with sturdy stops and angles that are easy to read.

You can go for a model that fits into the miter bar slots without a problem. The miter gauge should be able to slide back and forth, quickly, but also be strong and well protected.

Safety Accessories

The first set of accessories were built primarily in such a way as to give you precision and great efficiency. However, I have repeated over and over again that when using the most rated table saw, you cannot overlook the safety issue. Here are some of the key safety accessories:

Push Stick

The push stick is a safety feature, since it helps you to push the stock through the blade. This is important because you’re going to have to cut narrow pieces of work.

You can recommend finding various kinds of sticks that you can conveniently use for different cutting activities. You’re expected to go for one that allows you better leverage over your stock.

Push Pad

Push pads are identical to sticks, the main distinction is that they are smooth and have a firm surface with a grip to attach to the horizontal handle. When you cut the groves on the workpiece, the push pads will be the best, since they give you extra grip on the larger materials.


Featherboards are also safety accessories that keep the workpiece securely against the fence to discourage any kickback. In reality, you can make some feather boards at home using pieces of wood.

However, if you’re not happy about it, you can purchase these upgrade. There are new ones that can be connected to the fence via clamps or magnets. Through adding the featherboards to the fence, you’re going to be able to pin the stock back.

Throat Plate

Throat plates are tiny pieces constructed of wood or metal, typically along the blade of the table saw. You’re going to be asked to change from the regular throat insert that comes with the table saw.

In certain situations, factory throat inserts leave a lot of vacuum, which is why you would need an insert. The zero insert would create a very limited gap and this is a safety measure since it will also eliminate any debris from accessing the interior of the table saw.

Blade Guards

This is another safety system for the safety tool. Many skilled woodworkers, however, shun the blade guards. There are several versions that come with a guard that will boost the safety and make cuts more precise.

In the past, people were ignoring the blade guard on claims that it would obstruct vision.

As such, a fair number of brands have improved the blade guards and supplied them with discreet and simple designs. You can use the blade guard to make sure you enjoy safety, even though you achieve quality cuts.

Speciality Accessories

This applies to the accessories required for specialised features. They’re going to come in handy when you have sophisticated designs. Many of these are:


If you’re in the habit of doing a lot of cross-cutting, so you’re going to need a sled. This are suitable for big pieces of work. The miter gauges are designed in a specific way. You will do this anytime you need to make cuts to the miter bar angels.

It can also be seen for dice cuts. This might not be suitable for beginners, but it will be necessary as you advance and acquire knowledge.

Dado Blades

Dado provided blades sets are the best way to go if you want to make daily dice cuts. They typically come in two blades, shims, and a variety of chippers.

If you want to pick the dice blades, you can obey the manufacturer’s guidelines strictly. The insert will be a nice add-on to use when you have a given blade. This would make it possible to perform detailed cuts.

Top 18 Best Table Saw Accessories: Our Top Picks in 2021

1. DeWALT 10-Inch Miter/Table Saw Blade

If you walk into a construction site right now, we promise that one of the contractors can use the DeWALT product. While the experts value them, the rest of us should love them. This combo pack of cross-cutting and general-purpose blades is an excellent value for money. They are carbide tips for longevity and edge preservation. The kerf is in small pieces, and you have one blade with a TPI of 32, and the other one has 60.

These blades match just 10-inch saws. These blades have a computer-balanced plate for decreased friction and noise and help to enhance the precision and finish of the cut.

2. DeWALT DW7440RS Mobile Table Saw Stand

This DeWALT table saw stand is lightweight and weights just 33 pounds. This means that this stand is simpler to navigate since it is 20% smaller than the competition. The portability of this stand is also improved by a set of wide and sturdy wheels.

It folds flat for safe storage, and has quick-release brackets to make the saw fasten and uninstall a breeze. This feature saves you time to set up and pack away. This stand has an ergonomically built handle that helps to pull the saw while it is mounted, and the rubber legs protect the stand from sliding when it is placed on rough surfaces.

This stand measures 40 inches in height, enabling you to set the location of the saw to will the pressure on your back and legs.

3. Vega Pro 50 Table Saw Fence System

Ask every pro-woodworker or carpenter what the table saw the fence they needed, and we’re fairly positive that Vega will be at the top of the list. This Pro 50 is the largest of the 42-inch versions, but you can also purchase a smaller 36-inch edition. So, why is this fence our favourite place?

It makes longer rip cuts at 42 inches, and the rip capacity is 50 inches. It does not take more than 15 minutes to mount this fence. Plus, since Delta Unisaw, Contractor, and Powermatic 10-inch saws match, no drilling is needed.

This Vega fence device often has micro-adjustments to guarantee that the cuts are 100% correct. The main drawback is the price; it’s pricey, costing more than a full set of table powersaws. That said, you know that the fence is quality, and you always get what you pay for.

4. Grr-Ripper Advanced 3D Pushblock

This table saw the push block using 3D force for maximum leverage. Downward force tends to prevent kickback; inward force holds the stock squeezed against the fence and forward force-feeds the stock and retains leverage of the operation. Even, the workpiece shifts smoothly and almost prevents the kickback.

This block is built to be a travelling blade guard, holding the fingertips away from the table blade and secure at all times. It has a cutting length of 0.25 inches to 5 inches, so it is possible to see thin strips with this push stone. It adapts to bevel cuts, tearing, cross-cutting, dowels, dice and even odd forms.

It comes with an interchangeable spacer, which improves the block’s grip by about 54 percent. This ensures that even while operating on substantial ventures, you will have full ownership over the stock. And to top it off, this food is 100% American!

5. Leecraft R4512 Zero Clearance Insert

This table saw insert prevents small pieces of stock from slipping between the blade and the throat. It decreases the chance of binding the table saw blade. It also increases the accumulation of tears and ashes, which is another survivor of the saw gumming. This model of Leecraft is not universal.

Just the Ridgid R4512 professional table saw suits. So, if you’ve seen another table type, you’ll be disappointed. Make sure you check the model numbers before buying one because Leecraft manufacturers insert to match most models to make them.

This insert has a space for your riving knife, which also reduces your kickback. It is made of phenolic, which facilitates friction-free action and abrasion resistance.

6. Grizzly Industrial T21992 Power Twist V-Belt

This Grizzly connection belt replaces the old V-belt of your table saw. Since the conventional belts are rubberized, they become fragile and snap or grow bumps over time, which may cause your saw to ratchet and hop about, particularly while it sits idle for months to come.

The other issue with rubber belts is that they are stretched because of overuse. The connection belt doesn’t do all of this stuff.

Each twist-together woven chain moves individually, which ensures that the belt has no “memory” and would not deform during longer stretches of idleness.

The other feature of the link belt is that it is flexible in scale, so if you have any belt-driven equipment, order any replacement parts and cut them to size. Link belts remain flexible, which strengthens the way your table saw works and decreases friction and vibration.

7. Oshlun SDS-0630 8-Inch 30-Tooth Dado Set

The dice sets are flexible since they can cut dice, grooves and rabbits. This Oshlun die set is carbide-tipped to improve sharpness and reduce the heat in the teeth. The blades have full-body chippers, and the dice saw tooth count is 30, whilst the chipper blades have a tooth count of 5.

The shim is set to fine tune, which is handy if you want to get the greatest out of the blades set and waste fewer time shuffling the shims. You also have a storage case to hold your blades in outstanding shape while they’re in storage.

This 16-piece saw set cuts a number of dice from 0.25 inches to 0.9 inches, which eliminates tearing and splitting due to the clever construction.

8. Bench Dog Tools 40-102 ProMax Cast Iron Table Extension

If you own a steel cabinet table powersaw, this Bench Dog table extension is suitable to give you the extra capacity to achieve more substantial tasks. This model suits both contractor-grade table saws and right-tilt cabinet table saws, as long as the table measures 27 inches by 0.5 inches thick.

It comes complete with a pro-hook, which is easy to detach and store on the J-hooks supplied. This table extension package is perfect for those who have minimal room in their workshops, and comes with all the hardware you need to build it.

The gap of the plate is 8.25 inches by 11.75 inches and the table is 0.375 inches wide. This device even comes with a lifetime guarantee, but you have peace of mind ensuring that you’re safe if it’s going to fail.

9. Powertec 71009 Safety Set

If you’re concerned in your safety while using a table powersaw, you need to invest in this safety set. It involves a long hold down push stick, two small pieces hold down sticks, one stable V stick, and a straight push stick.

Sticks are the greatest weapon to hold the fingertips away from the cutting blades, reducing the risk of injuries and kickback.

Push sticks enable the operator to make complicated cuts and thin cuts safely. They work by helping you to sustain a constant and steady pressure when directing the stock to the blades.

Holding the workpiece tightly pressed against the fence decreases attachment, which reduces kickback. Each stick has an ergonomic handle to make it more convenient to use.

10. Wixey WR300 Digital Angle Miter Gauge

Table saws are ideal instruments for cutting angles, but setting angles may also be difficult. This Wixey angle miter gauge is the perfect method you need if you want to easily locate correct settings.

What you need to do is set the blades in the upright position and place the angle miter gauge on the side of the table saw blades.

Click zero to reset the gauge, and then keep the magnetic strips in place as you angle the blades. It has a 180-degree length and is only 2 inches long.

This interactive method speeds up the pace at which you can cut the angles in your material and improves your precision. Nothing damages the result of the project more than the erroneous proportions and angles that do not match.

11. Woodstock D4151 110/220-Volt Paddle Switch

Never underestimate the table saw safety. And when it comes to healthy activities, this paddle switch is a vital addition to your powersaw. It is rated for 2 and 3 horsepower engines and works at 110 and 220 volts.

It also comes with a 1-year promise of peace of mind. You could save your life by installing this switch.

Imagine a powersaw binding or something snagging in your blade, and you quickly strike the button with your knee to shut it off. There could be a gap between a close miss and a ride to the emergency unit.

You can mount this switch at the height of the knee so that, if you need to, you can bump it down with your knee for an immediate shutdown of the powersaw.

12. Incra Miter V27 Miter Gauge

The Incra miter gauge has 41 angle stops for accurate incremental power. It has a choice of plus or minus 60 degrees with a larger array of cuts. You get unique stops at 22.5 degrees for full mobility, and the proprietary Glidelock miter bar has four expansion points for zero games.

Table powersaw miter gauge, supplied with table saws, are unfortunately not of decent standard, so if you’re serious about producing precise angled cuts, you’ll want to invest in an aftermarket miter scale like this one.

The 41 angle stops are accomplished in intervals of 5 degrees over a complete 180 degrees, and since this miter gauge is universal, it should suit your table powersaw.

13. Bosch TS1004 Table Saw Dust Collector

Bosch produces high-quality items, so it should come as no surprise that this dust collector is making our list. It is not a universal dust collector and is only compatible with the Bosch 10-inch 4000 series table saw as well as the 4100, GTS1031 and GTS1041A.

It may be used for other table saws as long as the outlet port is 2.5 inches long. Before you agree to purchasing this dust collector, make sure you check the owner’s manual.

It’s easy to attach and remove, and gives you up to 70% dust collection, eliminating the overwhelming amount of sawdust from the atmosphere. It is constructed of thick fabric material with a sturdy zipper for easy emptying.

14. DeWALT 10-Inch Throat

Like the insert, the layer of the throat covers the plate that came with the table saw. It prevents the debris dropping between the blades and the mechanism. Unfortunately, most table-supplied throat plates are of low design, so it is important to have a decent throat.

This DeWALT throat is compatible with DeWALT versions with serial numbers DWE7490 and DWE7491. This plate has enough room to adjust the blade to run at an angle for a greater variety of cuts, as well as the dice blade stacks that offer the operator the power to make rabbet, dice and bevel cuts.

15. Milescraft 1408 Featherboard

This Milescraft featherboard uses a revolutionary concept that combines a consistent friction and overall retaining pressure of the split rail construction. It raises the strain on the stock as it pushes over the rip fence.

This method decreases the onset of the kickback and increases the smoothness at which the stock passes the blades. This model has universal mounts that suit most of the table saw brands, and has dual motion, side to side, and forward movement for quicker set-up.

Check your manual to see if this featherboard is compatible with your specific model. And if you’re concerned about the expense, think again. This featherboard is very cheap and is a must-have if you want to enhance your safety.

16. Shop Fox D2057A Adjustable Mobile Base

This mobile Shop Fox base makes your table saw manoeuvrable. It has a load capacity of 700 pounds and can be modified in 8 different ways to conform to different table saw styles.

It has an adjustable frame that lets you lock the base to match your height, and the heavy duty casters are placed on the outriggers to give the powersaw a low centre of gravity. All of this adds up to better portability.

And when you have a powersaw in the right spot, the two-piece foot pads move to lift or lower the table saw and secure it in place. This mobile base has a minimum scale length of 19 inches by 20.5 inches and an overall size of 29.5 inches by 29.5 inches.

17. Microjig Splitter SteelPro TK

According to the maker, this is America’s most common aftermarket splitter for thin kerf saw blades. It is installed directly onto inserts, so that it is compliant with the Leecraft throat seen earlier in the list.

It has an automatic kerf holder that stops the wood from attaching to the blade, and the mini featherboard technology keeps the workpiece against the fence to stop kickback. It also reduces the chance of burning stock.

It has a silicone shell and a stainless steel heart, making it durable and simpler to mount, since MicroJig provides you with a drill bit and drill guide. The other cool thing about this splitter is that it’s American-made.

18. Rockler Table Saw Crosscut Sled

This cross-cut sled has a wide protractor so you can clearly see the angle marks to make specific cuts. Each angle is set in 0.50-inch graduations, and the hairline indicator guarantees an error-free configuration.

It also has a heavy-duty aluminium fence with smooth-shifting elements to improve the cutting flexibility.

The fence is 25 inches in length and 3 inches in height. The table is 0.50 inches wide and has a melamine coating to shield the top. The table is also oversized to allow you to cut it to scale to match your table saw.

If you’re searching for a sled that helps you to make angled cuts with ease, this is the perfect option.

Accessorize to Maximize

There’s a huge number of table saws accessories out there, and we’re not saying that you can purchase anything on this page. It depends on how you use your table saw and how much you use it as you know what table saw accessories you require.

However, remember the safety factor when making your decisions, and you cannot place a price on it.

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