Big Ideas for Small Spaces

Small housing development offers limited possibilities? Here are a variety of solutions and smart ways to exploit the available space.
To  redesign and remodel a small home is often a complex action, given that you must meet several requirements. It is essential to take into consideration all modes of exploitation of space without forgetting, however, the artistic and visual side. Before you start the actual planning, seek expert advice to determine if structural changes are possible to enlarge the space, then establish what decorating style you prefer more.


In any arrangement, furniture plays an essential role to be chosen not only by visual or financial criteria, but also according to the impact of optical and storage capacity . It is good to know that a room looks larger if you use less furniture and large objects, than many and small. If you want to enjoy more freedom of movement, capitalize on vertical space by designing custom made furniture up to the ceiling.You can find bellow some examples in saving space in small houses: furniture, decorations.







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