Body Spa Shower System By Kohler

Every one of us dreams of owning a luxury shower not at a five star hotel bathroom but in the comfort of our own home. “Body Spa Shower System By Kohler” is an amazing showering system that costs a pretty penny for just the plumbing equipment. This particular “Body Spa Shower System By Kohler” is custom fit with overhead showers, body jets and also hand held shower wands among others. Before such a delightful showering system cost a pretty penny and was out of the question for many home owners. However in recent times technology advancements have made the Body Spa Shower systems advance and the prices have come down and now both you and I can afford to have such an intricate but well-designed shower system in our own bathrooms!

 Enter the Affordable “Body Spa Shower System By Kohler” – The designing team behind Kohler’s new body spa shower system thought this innovative idea through. The beauty of it being, the system is made from a simple but effective concept, Hydro power which is a superb product for a relaxing shower. The Kohler new body spa shower system utilizes a concept that is likened to whirlpool bathing. In this concept you the user will need to only fill the basin with water and switch on the pump which begins the flow. The Body Spa systems in turn propel water through the air thus maximizing the invigorating effect of the hydro-massage. After having had a wonderful Body Spa showering experience, you only need to turn off the pump open the drain and voila! The water drains away and you can step out of the bathroom. “The Body Spa Shower System By Kohler” is now a quick and easy replacement of your current boring and mundane bathroom fixtures. Get the shower panel that comes with body jets, you can ask for rainfall showerheads, hand held shower wands and if you wish tub filling spouts.

 “Body Spa Shower System By Kohler” Installation – For the installation of the shower panels, a small hole will be cut in your shower wall for purposes of gaining access to the hot and cold water lines. The panel is next connected and hung on a mounting bracket. Dependent on the plumber/installer, the whole installation process should take between 30-60 minutes. Fortunately, you can purchase the “Body Spa Shower System by Kohler” modern panels online and you can get them from a minimum prices of $200 or thereabouts, the higher the price the more quality the shower panels.

“Body Spa Shower System By Kohler” Product Details

Comes with a single tower, drain, foot-bath and faucet, the final piece is the enclosure necessary for attaining the complete Body Spa Installation. Kohler recommends that the Body Spa Shower should be used with basins which hold between 90 and 200 water gallons for the purposes of continued water feed to the tower. The system comes with a back-lit user control. The tower has 10 shower jets. The system incorporates lights that light up the water fall. Comes with a recirculating water pump that delivers water flows up to 80 gallons every minute for powerful hydro-massage. The Tower is made from Aluminum.





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