Bring Light Into Your Garden Using Jars

There are a lot of fun art projects that we can pick on to improve our lives. Many practik ideas are not only great to pull, but wonderful to our eyes. DIY ideas such as bringing light to your garden using jars. These are wonderful DIY projects. Craft ideas are some of the easiest, engaging and creative activities that we at one time in our lives ought to give a try. You never know, maybe you have a knack for craft projects to do at home and enhance your home’s beauty… Let’s see some DIY ways to bring light into your garden using jars…

You will need the following materials:

  • Lanterns
  • Wide mouth Mason jars
  • Cord
  • Bulb

Follow the instructions: 

  • Start by taking off the lids of the jars and set them aside. To make the jars bright, spray their interiors with a light even frosted coating of glass spray.
  • Put the jars upside down and leave them to dry.
  • As they dry, take away the metals inserted from the lids.
  • Use a screw driver (flat-head) and a pocket knife to cut open the cord on one end, fix the wires to a bulb holder and use insulation tape to hold in the wires that you have split up.
  • Fix the light bulb in the bulb holder and put it in the jar. Use sand paper if necessary to sand the bulb holder till it hold the exact position.
  • Make a sizeable hole on the jars top and screw it into position. Sand it and create a smooth finish.
  • Pull the cord to make sure that the bulb is held tight in the jar and on the other side of the cord fix a plug that will go direct to the power source.
  • Test to see whether the bulb will light up.
  • Repeat these steps on the rest of the lights you want to put up.
  • Your project will be done and your garden will be lit up! Enjoy!!!



Photo Courtesy: www.pinterest.com 

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