Build An Amazing Fire Pit In Your Garden

fire-pit-1Do you intend to spend this summer more time outside in the garden after work? If the chilly evenings often stop your dreams, a fire pit could be the answer. A fire provides warmth and light and you can even cook around the edge of it. Toast marshmallows whenever you want. A fire pit moves a step beyond the barbecue, but complements it perfectly! Traditionally fire pits were built of stones, bricks or clay, and it is not difficult to build one. The perfect spot for a fire pit is on flat ground, well away from buildings, trees or boundaries. A couple of feet across is plenty, and a fire can be built in a pits as small as about 40cm diameter. The materials needed are the same as for building a barbecue, but it is much easier to build a fire pit. The wall of the pit should be at least 9” in height.






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